5 Tips For Wearing All White

There is something about wearing all white that makes me feel a million. Wearing white from head to toe may not suit everyone, but I always feel effortless and fresh when I wear it. It’s a trend that I haven’t been able to shake off for the last few years, and I love that it keeps re-inventing itself, have you noticed it’s all about silk pyjama dressing in all white this season?

I am starting to feel more confident with my body after having Aston (well as good as you can feel after pushing out a little human). So I thought I would give all white a whirl – as lots of us think it’s not the most flattering of colours, but if you style it the right way (and you chose a flattering cut for your body) it can be a super sleek look.

My 5 tips for nailing the look are..

1. Wear flats or sneakers, to dress your look down, as all white instantly elevates and dresses up your look, and you don’t want to go down the path of looking ‘over styled’. Super high heels can sometimes give across this vibe. These clean Nike Airforce sneakers (which I have realised you can’t actually see under my pants, sorry) are the perfect addition as they aren’t too chunky, they sit on that sweet spot on your ankle (that elongate your leg) and seem to work with every look from black denim and flared pants. These sneakers make your look more wearable, particularly for the day.

2. Keep it all tonal, this is especially important when wearing separates, and we all know that there is more than just one shade of white, and they don’t all complement each other. Mixing shades is definitely the way to go, to give your look some dimension but make sure they work together.

3. Know your proportions look for styles that have effortless, sleek and loose tailoring. I love the look of relaxed separates together. I have gone for an oversized, flared style on my bottom, but then I balance it out with more tailoring on top, and I show more skin. If you wear pieces that are too oversized on the top and bottom, you will look frumpy. It’s also important to mix those textures when wearing white, lace, linen or sheer panels looks so pretty together and is an easy way to rock the all white look.

4. Opt for a natural beauty look, if I am wearing an all white look that is too ‘pretty’ I like to edge it up with some dark lips. I love a deep brown or burgundy lip this winter but in spring I will opt for an orange/red lip. On the other hand, I would never go for a lip  or heavy eye makeup with this look; I keep my skin fresh and illuminated with a nude lip as you don’t want it to look overdone- you want to keep the look effortless,

5. Your accessories are important to balance out your all white outfit. I like to pair an all white outfit with black accessories (whether it be your sunnies or bag) to give your look an edgier vibe (as you can never fail with monochrome) but don’t over do it. You probably know by now, I always think less is more in the accessories department, so keep those busy bracelets, necklaces, and rings to a minimum.

Photography: Stylesnooperdan 

Wearing: Maurie & Eve top from The Con-Nection 

TY-LR pants

Manning Cartell Neck Tie

Nike Airforce Sneakers

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