It’s All About The Base (Part 1)

Today (part 1) is all about the base. In the coming weeks I will touch on our eyes and bronzers. Getting our base right is the most important step to achieving glowing skin that will stay in place all day.

The base is more than one foundation, this is my collection. I can imagine you’re looking at this mix thinking that is a whole lot of product?! I do have 3 different foundations here so it looks more than it is as I like to mix them, so please don’t be scared.

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How To Get The Hair At Myer Ss14

I couldn’t help but notice the effortlessly cool hair down the runway at the Myer Spring Summer 14 collection launch. Kevin Murphy (AKA the internationally renowned king of hair) was once again behind this amazing show.

Kevin created a modern look that was inspired by water and feathers to keep it in line with the Australian theme on the night. The look was textured beach waves with a sleek wet finish, The wet look is always a favourite down the runway and is one of the biggest current hair trends, I love the look (the hair should look like there is product in it) it can be hard to achieve so follow these steps below to master the look.

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How To Get The Perfect Curls

Okay, I have always been fussy with my hair. It’s a bad trait to have. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy and I still remember the days when I would bring out our iron and beg Mum to iron it straight (so awkward with my head on the ironing board) those were the days when hair straighteners (AKA the beloved GHD) didn’t really exist. Anyway the point of my story is, after a while I stopped trying to straighten it and instead embrace the wave, but make it better as my natural wave in my first pic below is hideous, so I wanted to master it.

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Q&A | Sarah Co-founder Of Bellabox

If you love your beauty as much as I do and you haven’t heard of bellabox, then you must check it out. I heard about this brand whilst I was visiting one of my beauty clients at marie claire last year. Basically it allows you to trial all the new ‘it’ beauty products without spending the big bucks on purchasing them- trial before you buy, perfect!So I was very lucky to get a chance to chat to one half of the entrepreneurial brains behind the brand co-founder Sarah Hamilton.
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Let’s Talk Facials

If you read my blog you may remember my recent post about my little beauty secret, see HERE. In that post I mentioned my love for AHA & BHA’s (if you haven’t heard of these wonder workers, Google it now). The short version is they are super powerful acids used for deep exfoliation that work magic for your skin.

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