Q&A | Sarah Co-founder Of Bellabox

If you love your beauty as much as I do and you haven’t heard of bellabox, then you must check it out. I heard about this brand whilst I was visiting one of my beauty clients at marie claire last year. Basically it allows you to trial all the new ‘it’ beauty products without spending the big bucks on purchasing them- trial before you buy, perfect!So I was very lucky to get a chance to chat to one half of the entrepreneurial brains behind the brand co-founder Sarah Hamilton.
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Let’s Talk Facials

If you read my blog you may remember my recent post about my little beauty secret, see HERE. In that post I mentioned my love for AHA & BHA’s (if you haven’t heard of these wonder workers, Google it now). The short version is they are super powerful acids used for deep exfoliation that work magic for your skin.

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Beauty Secret..shhhh

Wow.. wasn’t that hectic?! But of course so much fun. With the madness of Melbourne and Sydney fashion weeks all done and dusted now, it allows me some time to talk about Beauty.

I have a huge interest in beauty and over the years I have read a lot and learnt a lot from some of the best makeup artists and hair stylists (so I think I know my stuff) hopefully you will find my information insightful.

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