Magnum’s New Look

I think it’s important to treat yourself, and when I do, I like to keep it premium, that’s why it’s a Magnum that I always leap for. I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that my favourite ice-cream Magnum Ego was re-launching as Magnum Double Caramel Ego with their new campaign #ReleaseTheBest. Magnums bring back so many happy childhood memories. My mum would always treat us with Magnums growing up.
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My Birth Story

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to put into words my birth experience. Just like that, the months have flown by. It has been five months since my beautiful little man arrived into this world and there are no words that can explain the love I have for him. It’s a feeling that I have never felt for anyone before and thinking about him stirs up emotions I didn’t even know existed before he was born (that’s not to say, it’s all been rosy. These last months have been so hard, but also the most rewarding, but more on this in a later blog post). Aston arrived at 6:50 am on Friday the 27th of November, weighing in at eight pounds nine ounces (just under four kilos) and measuring fifty-two cm’s long with a whopping big head. Believe it or not, he came bang on his due date, which we were told is quite unusual.
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7 Podcasts You Need In You Life

Since becoming a mum my free time is very limited. It’s all about multitasking. Aston finally loves his pram and sometimes it’s the only way to settle him so that means I have been walking more than ever before. On these walks, there is only so much music I can listen to. I am also the kind of girl that always wants to learn something new (and time to sit and read is pretty much non-existant at the moment) so this is where my love with podcasts was born.
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Baby Bartel

So I wasn’t keen on having a baby shower. I didn’t feel I had time. There has been so much going on, organising everything for the baby(I still don’t feel ready less than a week out) also finishing up all my work which has been busy. Well, this was my excuse that I kept telling my sister and mum. So after my sister and friends gently coerced me for weeks, I realised this is a party to celebrate little bubba, it’s not about if I want it or not. It’s also a good chance to catch up with all my besties before baby arrives. So I finally agreed to have one, literally a week and a half before the event- and to tell you the truth, I’m really glad I did.
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My Pregnancy To Date

So I wasn’t sure I would ever write about my pregnancy on my blog. I was always adamant that when I became a mum, I didn’t want to turn into a ‘mummy blogger’. I’m all about ‘faaashion darrrrling’ and I didn’t want to turn to the dark side just yet. It’s funny how things can change so quickly and I already realise that I can work and be a mum too. I get super clucky when I’m around babies and I knew that one day I would become a mum. But I wasn’t sure when that day would come. I always pushed off the idea (it scared the living hell out of me and still kind of does) because I didn’t think it was possible to be a career girl and a mum at the same time. How could I do both of these demanding jobs well?!
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