How To Dress Your Baby Bump

When you are pregnant, dressing can be a major challenge. I noticed changes to my body as early as five weeks pregnant. Of course, no one else would notice these changes, but I was very aware of my cups spilling out of my favourite bras and my growing thighs and bum. My clothes fitted differently and suddenly I was dressing for a body that was foreign to me.

I remember feeling really big at five months pregnant, as this was when my jeans started getting super tight due to my growing bump. Looking back at photos, I realise I wasn’t big at all, but it is strange adjusting to your new shape and size.

When I dress well, I feel confident and happy, so I have chosen to wear pieces that make me feel good and also stay true to my personal style during my pregnancy.

That’s not to say, I don’t have those days when I live in my gym gear and runners all day. I also know a lot of women who would hate to get as dressed up during pregnancy and all the power to you! I totally understand that some of you couldn’t think of anything worse than popping on a tight dress and heels (hell I have those days) but when I do dress up it’s because I want to and I don’t find it draining.

Here are my tips for dressing with a growing baby bump

1.Keep It Simple: Keeping it simple with block colours and clean, minimal shapes has worked for me. I have kept to my usual neutral tones and thrown in more black; it’s slimming right?! I think a baby bump is one of the most beautiful things so you want to embrace that bump and make it the focus. If you wear too many patterns, bright colours or textured fabrics, the bump is no longer the focus and instead you look larger.

2.Tailored or skinny leg pants/jeans is still your staple: I know you are probably thinking tight pants with pregnancy, hell no. I am here to tell you it can be done and it works wonders for your pregnancy bod.

I am lucky that I already owned some great leather pants from LXE (pictured below) and Helmut Lang that have a stretchy waistband, so I have been able to wear these throughout my pregnancy. Even if you don’t own these babies, you can find some faux leather pregnancy leggings at ASOS that are so slimming.

I must admit; I am not a fan of maternity wear. The only piece I have bought is the pair of ASOS leggings. Maternity jeans can also be a winner. Jeans West have some great cuts in lots of washes along with ASOS. I went with the old hair tie around my button as long as I could, once I grew a lot bigger I found jeans (including the few maternity jeans I tried on) quite uncomfortable so that’s why I chose to live in my stretchy pants, be that leather of faux or even my SRC pregnancy leggings as the material is quite dressy (even though they are sport leggings) but I found they were perfect to team with my dressier pieces and they supported my back (they are recommended by health care professionals). I will warn you, they are pricey but definitely worth it.

I found teaming my long v-knit or t-shirt with my favourite blazer a winner. Tip: Look for necklines that are V style or scooped as anything too high can accentuate your growing chest and makes you look bigger.

3.Long line vests, jackets and coats are your best friend: Jackets or Vests longer in length (so anything that finishes around your shins or just above your ankles work to elongate your body while pregnant. It also helps to hide those growing bumps and bulges on your back (but still shows off your bump). You can find affordable options at TOPSHOP, Seed, Witchery or Zara or higher end you can look at Viktoria + Woods (I love this one), Camilla & Marc and Scanlan & Theodore. These longer pieces are still perfect to wear coming into summer as you can team them with some linen shorts and a simple tee and you will be comfortable but still look stylish.

4.Embrace lycra. Your first instinct is to head to the oversized shirts and loose pieces when pregnant. I quickly discovered this was not the right move. It adds bulk to your arms and shoulders and shirts looked like pitched tents over the bump

Even if you are a girl that has never been into tight pieces, lycra and bodycon work best. Also, crepe knit that you can find at Scanlan & Thedore, Seed or TY-LR are a winner as they are tight around your bump but still super comfortable. Stretchy dresses in the one colour show off your bump in the right way and are perfect to wear once you have a visible bump.

Have you noticed that Kim Kardashian always wears one colour this pregnancy? It’s because she learnt her mistakes from her first pregnancy and realises that one block colour (even though it can be boring) is always the most flattering look.

5. Add a little height. Wearing kitten heels and boots with a low heel early in your pregnancy always do the trick, because as you are getting wider you need all the help you can get to look leaner. I have worn heels the whole way through, as I find them comfortable.

These little tips are simple, but they have worked wonders for me. Enjoy x

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  • Love these tips, but especially love how well you explain the body changes early in pregnancy! Sums up exactly how I felt (I’m now 32 weeks pregnant). Would love to read a post on how to dress a bump for summer! C xx

  • These are amazing tips! I’m pregnant and bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding in November. We’re going for a Lycra style stretch dress that we’ve found online, but was unsure of what size to get for a six month belly.

    Would you by any chance remember what stretchy dress size you would have worn at that time?

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