July 23, 2013

Okay, I have always been fussy with my hair. It's a bad trait to have. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy and I still remember the days when I would bring out our iron and beg Mum to iron it straight (so awkward with my head on the ironing board) those were the...

Okay, I have always been fussy with my hair. It’s a bad trait to have. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy and I still remember the days when I would bring out our iron and beg Mum to iron it straight (so awkward with my head on the ironing board) those were the days when hair straighteners (AKA the beloved GHD) didn’t really exist. Anyway the point of my story is, after a while I stopped trying to straighten it and instead embrace the wave, but make it better as my natural wave in my first pic below is hideous, so I wanted to master it.

I finally discovered a technique that works wonders for getting volume (yes that magic word that most of us want associated with our hair). The trick is always styling the hair backwards, this applies to when you blowave and curl, always pull backwards away from your face (read on to see what I mean)


1- The most important tool- Baby Bliss 38mm curling tong ,yes there are other more expensive brands but no need as I think this works as good if not better. It retails at $80, so affordable!

2- Aveda Paddle Brush and Barrel Brush

3- Serums, I have been using Cristalli for years, so lightweight and amazing. Another newcomer I love is Miracle Hair Treatment by ELEVEN Australia. You can use this as a treatment but I like using it in my ends once my hair is dry, smells so good.

4. Good quality hairdryer.

5. Hairspray, I like schwarzkopf strong hold and bounce spray.


START – My hair is freshly washed (I use good quality Kevin Murphy ‘Born Again’ shampoo & ‘Hydrate Me’ conditioner). Always point the hairdryer down when drying so the cuticle of the hair stays flat (this is vital for me as I have frizzy hair), you want the hair to be quite smooth so use a small amount of the Miracle Hair treatment I mentioned above. Don’t do the old, tip you hair upside down and blowwave it ruins the texture and creates frizziness (I know I sound pedantic but these little details make a difference to achieving the perfect curl). I normally prefer curling my hair after its been washed for a day or two as it tends to hold better (even though today I am showing you freshly washed).

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia02

FIRST– Section the hair. You want to make sure you get every strand. In the past I have tried to be smart and not section it, but if you want the perfect curl you need to do this.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia03

SECOND – I like to curl big sections, see the width of the hair in my finger above. It keeps the hair bound together. When you pull smaller sections it can tend to look stringy. If you have shorter or thinner hair you may need to pull a smaller section, or you could use the BabyBliss 32mm tong size (which is one size below) keeping the sections big and you will get a similar result.

Now for the fun part..curling twirling. Hold the curling tong pointing down with black end to the floor. Now wrap the hair around the tong ALWAYS keeping the clasp open (I have no idea why the clasp is there?! You can rip it off it’s useless). Always curling the hair backwards away from face and under. Hold the hair in the tong for 5-10 seconds. As we are using a big tong you curl the the entire strand like I have pictured above. Use your finger to hold the strand in place around the tong. Some hairdressers like leaving the end of the strand out but I never do this, as this tong is big it still gives the hair that natural waved look, if you leave it out it looks too straight.

Once you release the hair from the tong, twist it with your finger (as shown above third pic) almost pulling down on it so it keeps the hair together.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia04

THIRD- Oh yeah I’m curling away. Another section done. HOT TIP- Once the section of hair is in the tong and just before you release, move the hair up and down for a couple of seconds. This ensures the heat locks that curl in.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia05

FOURTH- Part you hair to find your natural part. I curl the front fringe hair first. Once again backwards always away from the face.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia06

FIFTH- As you can see I use the same principle on the other side of my face. Depending if your left or right handed, one side will always look better. Once you keep practicing they will look the same. I am left handed so my left side is always better.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia07

SIX- Once all of the hair is curled (not finished yet). I like to then blowave the fringe, this makes sure the hair sits high and framed around your face. Keeping the heat on the root of the hair- you don’t want to ruin that curl at the end.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia08

SEVEN- Fluffy fringe, now this is where I get the Cristalli serum and hairspray out.Only use the serum on the ends and use the hairspray lightly..wait 5 minutes for the spray to set then I brush the hair out with the Aveda Paddle brush. Now don’t brush it too much,only gently to take away that perfect curled look (we don’t like that). Brushing it out is actually what will give your hair va voom volume.

How to curl hair_chroniclesofnadia09

FINISHED! Even though this seems like it may take a while, it actually doesn’t take long at all as you are using big sections and once you do it once it stays perfect for days on end. I actually like it better after a few days as it drops even more and looks more natural.

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