July 5, 2015

One beauty product that I must wear every day is mascara. I am not fussy with foundation, bronzer or even blush, but I need that little black lacquer coated on my lashes or else I don’t feel like me.

The first thing on my mind in the morning is coffee, and the cup that my home coffee machine spits out just doesn’t cut it.

So that means I need to get out of the door quickly. As much as I love my makeup (on the weekends I go all out). During the week, it’s all about getting it done as quick as I can so I can tackle the work day.

One beauty product that I must wear every day is mascara. I am not fussy with foundation, bronzer or even blush, but I need that little black lacquer coated on my lashes or else I don’t feel like me.

I have long lashes, but they are annoyingly straight, so I am always on the hunt for a great mascara. I have tried all the expensive brands that promise the world, but they just don’t cut it, especially with their high price tag.

You may remember I have written about my love for Maybelline Great Lash many times (you know the famous green lid, pink bottle). I love that it is super black, separates my lashes and holds my lashes in place all day.

The good news is, I have found a new mascara Lash Sensational that I love even more as it works to separate my lashes and gives them that fanned-out look. This mascara is the perfect combination of wet and dry, to give our lashes extra volume. If a mascara is too wet it won’t hold the curl in our lashes (especially mine) and if it is too dry, then your lashes just look crunchy or clumpy. Yuk!

This mascara has an awesome curved brush that allows you to reach all those tiny lashes on the outer and inner corners of your eye, so it coats every lash we have.

Here is my how to guide to give you some of my sneaky tips for achieving that full fanned-out mascara look using Maybelline Wing Black eyeliner and Lash Sensational mascara.

Step 1: Curl Lashes

I curl my lashes every day, even when I am in a rush. I have noticed you don’t need to with this mascara (but I guess I am a creature of habit). The curved brush curls your lashes when you apply, and the formula holds your lashes in place. Pop your lashes in the curler, and then hold the clamp down for 5-10 seconds on each eye then gently remove the curler.

Step 2: Apply Eyeliner

I apply the eyeliner after my eyeshadow. I like to keep my eyeshadow neutral (I use champagnes, light browns and taupe tones) when I am going for a statement full winged look, as I want my lashes and eyeliner to do all the talking.

I have struggled applying liquid eyeliner in the past. This product makes it easy as it has a thin side and thick side so it allows you to draw on that precise winged look, and allows you to keep the eyeliner close to the lash line. You use the thick side to perfect the wing look, always go up for the wing, as this will give you a thicker lash look. You only need one stroke and the colour is super black.

Step 3: Apply Mascara

Believe it or not, there is a technique for applying mascara. The only reason I know this is because I have listened to my makeup artist. Always start with the base of your lashes, look down and wriggle the brush upwards, working the product up.

This mascara is great because there are different bristle lengths. I use the shorter inner bristles for the middle base of my lashes, and then I use the outer bristles for the sides to give the thick winged look. I like to layer up a few times, and this product is perfect for that as it doesn’t clump up.

I use my finger to push up my lashes so I can clean any extra product that may be on my lashes and this helps to hold them in place.

And there you have it, fanned-out thick lashes!

Photography: Liane Hurvitz


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  • Helen Winters

    something very wrong with this entire article. For god’s sake, get a real model or a real story. “the cup that my home coffee machine spits out just doesn’t cut it”. Really? it doesn’t cut it?

  • Caroline McCrindle

    4 easy steps for perfect eye makeup….where are they? This dame knows nada about makeup, I could teach her a thing or two!

    • Leila

      I agree Caroline I have been doing my make up the same way all my life just less Is more. I most of the time cannot be bothered now with foundation but really like Maybelline Face powder as a substitute and it look so natural. Just some blush with some white to shine it and lesson the colour. A little eye bow pencil put on in circles l and do use a combination of two mascara’s one for straightening and length, thickening the second for further length by brushing the eylashes carefully from the top enhancing all the lashes but no bottom eyelashes as I now get panda eyes. A little white pale colour for under browns a lippie depending on my mood and viala there you have it 5 minute make up. When you use foundation it needs to be spread very carefully including a brush of powder to set it. According to others they believe for my age my skin looks great. I can see age catching up. That is something that we can not control it is the aging process. Always twice a day pamper you face with cleansers and good moisturisers and Vitamin E or a facial Sun screen protector is very good.

    • Leila

      and Claudia Schiller the 80’s 90’s super model has not aged a bit thanks to computer imaging. In true it would be so different. I am sick of Make up brands using young women to sell make up skin care to older women,. Do they think we are all so gullible and twits. Nothing will slow down the
      age process

  • Lovely the tutorial !!


  • Chloe