My Beauty Shortcuts

Being time poor is a normal part of everyday life now. It’s either work or a million other different commitments that drag you in so many different directions, it leaves little or no time to beautify for events.

I’m always looking for beauty shortcuts that I can easily achieve at home. Here are a few that help me get ready for birthdays, weddings or just a big night out with friends.


Brows are so important. I use Benefit products to fill them in and highlight the brow bone. Its much more affordable than getting a tint. You must try the ‘brows-a-go-go’ kit, it includes brow highlighters and brow shaping wax.


I discovered this brow tool a few months ago and I’m obsessed. This innovative gel adheres to skin creating brows where there were none, it sounds too good to be true buts it’s the real deal. I use the darker colour (medium/dark) as I find the lighter colour is more for blondes.


I know a lot of you may not be into CC creams, I understand the hesitation as I thought it was another marketing ploy as we are all trying to digest to the BB cream talk. BB and CC cremes give more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, they work as a primer but oh so much more as it gives hydration, sun protection, skincare benefits and colour correction. CC stands for COLOUR CORRECTING and works even harder to correct your skin over a BB creme  So it offers so many benefits in one, it is good for you if you have redness, brown spots or past acne scars, it basically makes everything look better! I wear the medium colour and most days I only wear this as the coverage is great or I pop it under foundation if you need more coverage for a night out.


Who out there can’t hit the town without a spray tan? I got fed up with the cornflake smell and the cost so I decided to try an affordable DIY version.  I use Le Tan Spray for my face. I spray it on Thursday night before bed and by the time Saturday comes by face is a perfect bronzed colour and only $15 a bottle.

ECO TAN $34.95

On my body I love Eco Tan, its 100% organic with ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Grapeskin Extract and Cacao (chocolate), it smells good enough to eat. The best part is you can sleep in it without staining your clothes. I must also mention that for one off (big events) I get s professional spray tan and I must say I use the best in the business in SPRAY AUS they offer a mobile service (which is so handy) as well as salons in South Yarra and Monee Ponds. Their formula is organic the colour is a beautiful brown hue and makes your skin look flawless.


Most of you already know about my obsession with Paula’s Choice, see my beauty secret post. If I could invest money in this brand, I would. I still have not found beauty products that give me such an amazing result. This BHA exfoliate is one of the best shortcuts, at under $30 this bottle it will last you for months and months. It means you don’t need to spend on expensive facials like microdermabrasion and peels to keep you skin refreshed as this little wonder boosts collagen, unclogs and shrinks your pores.


This is a great preventive product that love and its not from Paula’s Choice. I buy  Active C from Aspect Dr from Liberty Belle, you can only buy this product from medical professionals. This Australian made product is supercharged Vitamin C with powerful antioxidants. I use it a night before bed and you will notice the difference in the firmness of your skin.



Can’t live without your blow wave from the hairdresser? I am the first to admit I love getting pampered. I head to Marie at Uva Salon, she is renowned for her styling. It’s not feasible to get blow waves all the time so over years I have tried to master this myself and I have discovered the number one tip to getting volume yourself, it’s all about styling the HAIR BACKWARDS away from your face. This applies to when you blow wave or curl.

My favourite tools are the Babybliss 38mm curling tong- it’s the thickest width you can buy at under $90, tong your hair the night before and spray with hairspray. The next morning, brush it out with a paddle brush and you have a bouncy natural wave. Use a barrel brush to blow wave your fringe (styling backwards of course).


Don’t forget the best invention, dry shampoo, I love Klorane to gives extra volume to your roots. Its not just used for oily hair, it works to creatie volume on clean hair and I sometimes spray it in before I curl my hair as it makes the hair stick together.


Lastly I have to mention this new product I’m crushing on, Nivea in-shower body moisturiser. It’s for us lazy folks. You use it in the shower after your body wash and rinse it off and that’s your daily moisturising done, it hydrates your skin more than your average product and you are not left sticky.

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