July 16, 2017

Here is my list of top baby products for new mums that I couldn’t live without.

I was overwhelmed when I was pregnant with Aston, thinking about all the different products I needed for him. I can’t tell you how many times I walked into those baby stores, then leaving swiftly after with my hands empty as there was too much to choose from. All those rows of nappies, onesies, toys, prams, dummies and cots, bedding (ahhhhh, baby product overload). I didn’t know where to start.

Of course, I found my groove. Now, I can whip in and out of those baby stores quick smart as I know exactly what I need.

Here is my list of top baby products for new mums that I couldn’t live without.


There are endless pram options out there, and I guess a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Choosing my pram was one of the hardest decisions. It had to be perfect. I wanted top-notch quality, as I knew I would be using it so often. In my opinion, the Joolz was a head above the rest.

Firstly, I loved the way it looked. I went for all black with black leather handles (there is just about any colour combo you can think of). It also has a sleek ergonomic design with a high bassinet and seat, high handle bar and a huge basket.

It has great storage, but its design is also very compact and very easily fits into cafes and the supermarket, as some of those prams are just too big, which makes it really difficult to get around.


My Quiet Book was my little saviour when Aston was only a couple of months old (and he still loves it now). It’s soft and filled with buckles, snap on shapes, zippers, large buttons, pockets, shoe laces and velcro fabric pieces.

It’s great as it helps develop their motor skills, it really kept Aston engaged for much longer than anything else.

I always made sure I had it with me if I was meeting a friend at a cafe or when I was travelling (I can’t tell you how many times it saved me on the plane) and it’s easy to pack away as it all zips up nicely.


Now, you can really go crazy with high-chairs. There are soo many options, and you can spend a truck load. I just didn’t want to go with one of those fancy options with all the bells and whistles, as they get so dirty and you honestly don’t need it.

I wanted something that I could easily wipe down and clean, and that was lightweight. I didn’t want to worry that it would get ruined. These two versions below are from IKEA. The white antilop chair is under $30 and the black blames chair (below) is a little more expensive just under $100. You then buy this cushion that inserts in the chair, so it is comfy for them.


We all know that newborns need to be swaddled to sleep well. Some babies stay nicely in those muslin wraps – but if you have a little Houdini-like I did, then the Love To Dream Swaddle is what you need.

Ladies, please make sure you buy these while you a pregnant. Aston slept so much better when I finally discovered these.  It would have been so much easier using these from the start, instead of my fumbling around trying to wrap him myself- I had no idea!

Aston would always manage to get his little hands out of the standard wraps and then that would wake him up.

The Love To Dream Swaddle keeps babies arms up by their side or across their chest which replicates how our bubs sleep in the womb, allowing the natural ‘arms up’ position and they have movement of their hands so they can pop them in their mouth and self-sooth.

One warning though, Aston loved his so much that is was hard to transition him out of his suits. He wouldn’t sleep as well, so make sure you start trying those 50/50 suits at four to five months which allows you to take their arms out.


These Como Tomo bottles are made from medical grade silicone which I loved as an alternative to plastic bottles (which always worry me a little for newborns as they can leach toxic chemicals) and glass bottles, which are super safe, but they are so heavy to lug around and can smash easily.

These bottles have a soft squeezy feel that Aston loved to touch. The bottle also mimics the breast with its super soft silicone nipple, so it was good for me to use when I was breastfeeding as he easily went from bottle to breast.

I found Aston was also less gassy with these bottles as they feature ani-colic vents, so they aren’t sucking down lots of air.


How good are bouncers?! I would have been lost without ours, and Aston loved his. Especially with his silent reflux, he needed to be upright, so it was perfect for us.

We have both of these. The Baby Bjorn is great as you don’t need batteries and it doesn’t take up much room.

The mamaRoo is pretty special, you can choose between five motions with different speeds, and you can hook it up to your MP3 player. We loved this when Aston was small, but he did grow out of it quite quickly


These activity play mats are the best. It is so hard to find play mats that look good and are also comfy for bubs.

These are so nice and plush, which was perfect for me as I could pop it on our concrete floor or floorboards and it still felt soft.

I designed my own colour with Stina Playmat and they are reversible, so I went for two different looks. One was grey with spots and the other was black and white.


I had so many cute outfits when Aston was first born, but he honestly just lived in onesies. Make sure you go for onesies with a zip, anything with buttons is just annoying in those first few months. I love Pure Baby and Bonds for great zip ups.

Other favourite clothing brands for Aston are HuxbabyChi Khi, Goldie + Ace, and Sapling 


Okay, you might remember my Instagram post when I was in Noosa at the end of last year, I received so many comments on my travel pram. The BabyZen Yo Yo isn’t cheap, and I did feel a little guilty when we bought it as it was my ‘second ‘ pram but because we travel so much, this was one of the best baby purchases we made.

It compacts so easily in one quick move and is so great to get around on the go. Now that Aston is older, I use this even more than my Joolz, and it’s so easy to get in and out of the car.

It is the only pram that you are allowed to bring on as your carry luggage which is another bonus as you can use it right until you need to board.


This product is for us mummas, and I had to include them as they are a must have! These SRC compression shorts helped me so much. I had bought them before Aston was born and literally brought them with me to the hospital and popped them on straight after I had him.

I kept wearing them for months. Their incredible garment technology helps to activate your muscles with its compression and light pressure to the pelvis and ab muscles. The shorts also help to reduce swelling, gets your belly recovering and helps with the separation the abs; I had a 4cm separation of Aston was born.  I cannot recommend these babies enough.



Similar to my pram, I researched baby seats A LOT and asked lots of question to my mum girlfriends.

First, we have the Maxi capsule. If you can afford it, I recommend getting a capsule (even though it’s not a necessity- you can go straight into the standard car seat). We almost weren’t going to get a capsule (as it is another expense).

We are glad we did, as it was so handy when Aston was sleeping in the car. I didn’t have to wake him, and we could click him out of the car with ease and he would stay asleep coming home at night. During the day the Maxi was great as you can then connect it straight to your pram, which made everything so much easier. You can easily hire capsule’s from Hire For Baby as they won’t be in them for long.

The Britax Safe n Sound Platinum Pro is the car seat I have now and love it- it’s so safe and the leader in the car seat category.


I have always kept Aston’s skincare routine very simple as their skin is so delicate. Less is more, and I don’t believe babies need a bunch of products. I have only used mild baby washes and really like GAIA and QV Skincare

For wipes, I love WaterWipes as they are 99.9% water so I know I am not rubbing his skin with a bunch of nasty ingredients.


Okay, so The Lulla Doll it looks like a standard doll, but it’s actually a little sleep companion for babies as it has the soothing sound of a real life breathing and heartbeat (it works continually for eight hours until you need to charge it again) which improves bubs sleep as they feel you are there with them.

 I will definitely be investing in one when I am pregnant next. I didn’t use it personally, but my sister in law used the dolls recently for her twin boys that she had six months after Aston and it worked a treat.

I saw the dolls first hand and they are super soft and the sound is so soothing. They also have a velcro so you can secure them to the side of the cot, so you can use them as soon as your baby is born and don’t need to worry that it’s a SIDS risk.


Another must have! I would wear my baby carrier around the house and when I was on the computer so I could get stuff done. Aston was always more comfortable being upright because of his silent reflux.

I was lucky to have both of these below. I love them both for different reasons.

The Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier is incredible, it is designed by health professionals so it aligns with the recommended carry position from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute so it distributes the weight of the baby evenly, so you know you aren’t going to injure your back.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier Original is another great option. It is cheaper and the other bonus is I found it much easier to get on and off than the Ergobaby, I would struggle if I was myself to get it on.


Food Babies Love was my bible when I started thinking about solids for Aston. I received it as a baby shower gift from one of my gorgeous friends. At the time, I didn’t realise how handy it would be.

Aston started solids early- he was just under four months, as he was continually wanting what we were eating.

There is much differing information online about baby food/solids. Her book simplified it all.

The first few chapters cover what you need to know when you are first thinking about solids, then it goes into the first four weeks of starting and has tonnes of recipes and lots of favours, so it exposes your bub to eating everything.

Every recipe includes the prep time for each meal, if it is suitable for freezing and at what age they can start eating it. Her book is still my favourite now.

Hope you liked some of my suggestions! I would love to hear your tips too!

Comment below with your favourite products.

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  • Marlee Jade

    I love all your suggestions, would love to see some recipes you make for Aston’s snacks or what you pack in his lunch box xo

  • Priya

    Love your suggestions! Can I ask why you picked the Joolz Geo over the Joolz Day?

    • The Joolz Geo has a big basket underneath for storage, the day has much smaller storage x

  • Tamara

    We have the same car seat☺ Did you have any trouble with Aston in it? Our baby boy is 5 months old and all of a sudden hates getting in the seat and cries every time we go anywhere! x

    • We don’t have any trouble at the moment. He really loves his seat. I think they go through stages, they love and hate it. Hopefully your little one starts liking car drives soon x

  • Katie Khodirev

    Great blog post! We have a number of the things you have listed. Just to add to the baby wipes/skin care, the base collective have baby wash etc which is lovely and gentle. And I’ve also started using the JAK Organic 2in1 wipes which are a cleanser and barrier wipe in one! Another great baby wipe that is super gentle are the joonya eco baby wipes.
    I’m heading off to order a quiet book now.. Thanks Nadia! 🙂

  • Ziggy Krawchuk

    Thanks for sharing the #SwaddleUP love, Nadia! With love from Love To Dream!