My Pregnancy To Date

So I wasn’t sure I would ever write about my pregnancy on my blog. I was always adamant that when I became a mum, I didn’t want to turn into a ‘mummy blogger’. I’m all about ‘faaashion darrrrling’ and I didn’t want to turn to the dark side just yet. It’s funny how things can change so quickly and I already realise that I can work and be a mum too. I get super clucky when I’m around babies and I knew that one day I would become a mum. But I wasn’t sure when that day would come. I always pushed off the idea (it scared the living hell out of me and still kind of does) because I didn’t think it was possible to be a career girl and a mum at the same time. How could I do both of these demanding jobs well?!

My hubby would have loved to have children earlier (I know he is perfection in every way). As much as I loved the idea of having a little family with him, I felt like I needed more time. I am so lucky that he has been super supportive.

So here I am at thirty-four weeks pregnant (that’s about eight months for you non-mums), sharing my journey with you to date, and no I’m not proclaiming I’m a mummy blogger just yet..

I honestly can’t believe I have made it this far. The last eight months have flown by.

For a girl that never knew she was ready to have a baby, to the moment, I saw those two bright pink lines on my pregnancy test. Everything changed instantly and I realised I have never wanted anything more. I would do anything and everything to protect this little human.

I knew straight away that something was different with my body (don’t ignore those early signs ladies) but I brushed it aside and thought I was getting my period. All the signs were there, huge sore boobs, bloating and tiredness (I was falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm and I am normally a night owl with so much energy).

Yep, this was just my period I quickly told myself and went on with life. I don’t take notice of my period dates, but as my boobs got bigger and sorer by the day, I wanted my period to come so I could feel some relief.

I did some rough calculations and realised I was probably about two and half weeks late. Hmmm, I thought that was a little strange as my period is usually regular. I didn’t think for a second I was pregnant as I have gone through times when my cycle was a little off, so I put it down to stress and we weren’t trying to get pregnant

I always thought I was going to have trouble getting pregnant. Call it a women’s intuition, but this is how I felt, Yep, definitely a glass half empty kind of girl. I tend always to think of the worst-case scenario.

It was now Sunday (four weeks no period) and I had my appointment on Wednesday to get checked out at the doctors as I knew something was wrong, I still didn’t think for a second that I was pregnant, but I knew something wasn’t right.

I had just finished early morning shooting and feeling so tired and lethargic (even though I had gone to bed at 9 pm the night before). I was rambling to my photographer about how tired and moody I was feeling and that I thought I was getting the flu. She said, “Nards maybe you are pregnant? You know what they say when you know you know”. It was a throwaway line by her and I laughed it off, but as soon as I left the shoot it stuck in my head. I definitely didn’t feel right.

I made the mad dash to the supermarket, bought the test with the Sunday paper to cover it and went through the self-checkout line. And sure enough I was pregnant. I could not believe it!! Words can’t even begin to explain how happy I felt. I called Jim straight away (he was watching the cricket at the MCG) and he couldn’t believe it. We were both so emotional and ecstatic; it was such a surreal feeling. As this little soul was ours and we made it!!

Instead of freaking out like I thought would. I had a totally different reaction. I felt like I was on a drug and high on life.

I had no idea how far along I was, but I thought it would have had to be at least a couple of weeks along by looking at how long it had been since my last period.


After the initial (high on life) excitement subsided, I then started thinking that something was going to go wrong with my pregnancy (you got me, glass half empty again). So I bought one too many home pregnancy tests and frantically reading all those pregnancy forums- bad move.

You have to wait until the six week mark to get the blood test results and about eight or nine weeks until they can see anything on the scan.

One strange fact I will also point out for those of you that may be a little weird like me and continue to do home tests. Your hCG hormone (which is a hormone that is specific to pregnancy) gets consistently higher in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Then it plateaus in the later weeks of pregnancy, that’s why our pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, nausea, tiredness) are so crazy at the start, but then you start to feel better.


Your hCG levels can actually throw out the die in your home pregnancy tests. This is what happened to me and I freaked out!

So at week nine, I did my usual daily test and instead of seeing two pink lines, I saw one dark line!! (I later discovered it was the positive line) but the other control line was faint (like really faint). So it almost looked like only one line. I called First Response (that’s the pregnancy test company) and they explained that the reason the control line was faint is because when your hCG levels are so high it ‘pulls’ colour from the control line. Phew!!


The best way to explain how you feel is likening it to your worst hangover (minus the fun going out part the night before). So I felt like I got home at 5 am and I was then forced to get up at 7 am and take on the day. I was lucky that I didn’t vomit but I almost wish I had that relief, with constant head spinning, headaches and queasiness

I had cravings for so much junk food in my first trimester.I have always been a carb loving girl and during this time these cravings went through the roof (hello, Bakers Delight and hot chippies) but I also craved fruit, which is strange and I have never been a big fruit eater before. I would also eat whole lemons (skin and all) with salt. I normally love spicy food and coffee but I totally went off both of them, the smell of coffee made me want to puke!

I didn’t do any exercise for the first sixteen weeks of my pregnancy. I felt a little guilty as I like to keep fit (especially if you read this post, I have been on a fitness mission) but I am a big believer in listening to your body. I barely had the energy to walk to the fridge let alone go for a walk around the tan. I did try one boxing session and that was an absolute disaster as I only lasted 20 minutes and had to go to the toilet three times as I felt like I was going to vomit.

Don’t let this scare you as I know a lot of mummas who don’t feel sick at all in the first trimester. You, lucky ladies, should definitely try to keep active.  How hard you can go is all dependant on how active you were before getting pregnant. So if you were active you can maintain it, you just need to take it a little easier (but try to keep your heart rate under 140 beats per minute). Of course, I am no doctor, speak to your OB as they know your body and health best.  Listen to your body, if it doesn’t feel right, listen to those signs. Long walks are a great way to get your body moving and feeling good.


Just before our twelve-week scan we had the option of new genetic testing (VCGS genetic screening), which can be done from eleven weeks pregnant. It has been in the US for a while but finally available in Australia. The test is a simple blood test and screens for cystic fibrosis, X syndrome and spinal muscular atrophy. We did the NIPS test at this time too which can check the baby’s chromosomes from my blood and tells us our chance of down syndrome. It’s amazing what they can find out at this early stage. This test could also tell us if we were having a girl or boy, but we decided not to find out the sex, even though the hubby wanted to, I won that battle. Hehe

These tests are obviously a very personal decision, and you need to do what feels right for you. It is our first baby, so we wanted to be reassured everything was A-Okay. Even though I totally respect anyone’s decision for not wanting to get the tests done. It is a tough call, as I can’t say what I would or wouldn’t do if the tests came back and our baby had one of these conditions.

Let’s also talk about that twelve-week scan when you see the little heart pumping hard, it is such an incredible feeling. After this scan and getting the genetic results back, I felt so much more comfortable and stopped freaking out that something would go wrong.


I remember feeling really big at the four-month mark (this was when we started telling friends and family our news). Looking back at these photos, I obviously realise I wasn’t, but your body changes so much in those first few months. By this stage, I realise there are so many things that happen to your body that no one tells you about. As soon as you become pregnant you are then welcomed into this secret club and the stories start rolling in. I never realised you bleed for 40 days after having a baby, WTF?!!

So it takes some adjusting (especially when you have always had the same body). My boobs were out of control and my bum and thighs were also growing rapidly. I didn’t have a proper bump at this stage, but none of my clothes are fitting right. You just don’t feel like you at all. Of course this is fine, as your body needs to change to be able to carry your little bubba.


I feel like I have had a textbook pregnancy in many ways. Just before I reached twelve weeks all my morning sickness magically disappeared, woo hooo! It was the best feeling as I started feeling like a normal human again.

Apart from a few little back issues, I have had Sciatica, which has been quite painful and has made it hard to do everything I normally could do. It eased up when I was on holidays but now I am feeling very sore again.

The fact that I continue to wear heels doesn’t help the situation, combined with my bad posture and crouching over my computer all day and night makes it worse.

Strengthening your tummy muscles and back with pelvic floor exercises and Pilates helps is one of the best ways to help it.

I started up Pilates a couple of times a week from my sixteenth week (I am going to detail this more in the coming weeks as it has helped me so much). I had been going for at least one walk around the tan every week. I recently had to stop walking because I have been experiencing intense pelvic pain (which feels like a throbbing pain in between my legs and up my thighs). Walking puts too much pressure on my body, but I have been reading that I need to keep active, so I am going to give it another crack this week.

I know it’s all normal as our pregnancy body produces a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin softens our ligaments in our pelvis and joints so we can push that baby out, and because I am coming to the end of my pregnancy, it is more intense.

I also don’t even know what sleep feels like anymore (I haven’t been able to since my sixteenth week of pregnancy), apart from these little niggles, I have been very lucky.


BABYMOON AT 31 WEEKS (best decision to get away)


I am growing every day, and the crazy kicks and punches are getting stronger. This is one active little baby, it loves to punch my arm away if I am leaning it on my stomach, I feel like it has its own little personality already. I can’t wait to meet her/him soon.

I have noticed that being pregnant opens up women to a whole new world of criticism. I can imagine this is only going to get worse once the baby arrives as our parenting will then be scrutinised.

Before getting pregnant (and now), I would never even think to comment on a lady’s bump size, (other than to think how beautiful it is). Or to judge her on what she is eating, wearing or how much she is working. Each to their own! I have had so many rude comments from strangers on the street telling me that my bump isn’t big enough and if the doctor is okay with it?? These same strangers have also accused me of not eating enough and stating I am not the ‘normal’ size.

I have gained seventeen kilos so far. So I am definitely in the normal range and not underweight

I never take too much notice of the negative comments. There will always be haters out there, and I don’t like to give that negative energy airtime. Being a first time Mum does change the game as I started doubting if my pregnancy is normal because everything you are experiencing is new.

I brought this up with my amazing OB and he assured me, I am totally normal. Our baby has always scanned larger than the size it is meant to be. When will people realise we are all made differently, and that’s what’s make us all unique.

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you, you look great, it is hard to feel it sometimes. Especially when you need help to get out of bed, your body is aching, you can’t pull yourself up off the couch without your hubby helping you, and I won’t even mention the new liquid down there, eeeek! Then there are those days when nothing in your wardrobe fits, your hormonal and you start wondering if you can handle this whole ‘mum’ thing when the baby comes.

On other days, you wake up and feel amazing and think how blessed you are to be pregnant and wish you could stay pregnant forever.

I know not everyone is keen on showing their bump, but pregnancy has actually made me feel more confident and sexier. I look forward to sharing more soon x

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  • FANTASTIC article!
    Its refreshing to hear your personal and honest story.
    I have been following you on Instagram and think you have looked nothing but perfect the whole way through your pregnancy – I hope I look half as good as you during my own.
    Best of luck for the coming months Nadia xx

  • Great read Nadia, I’m sure you ll be a fantastic mummy and with yours and jimmys genes, this baby will be so gorgeous, all the best for the next 8 weeks and look forward to the next part of your journey. Good luck lovely lady xo

  • This article is great Nadia. Like you I had the exact cravings in my first 12 weeks haha but was lucky enough to not suffer any pregnanvy symptoms and like you copped criticism as I was told I don’t know what a real pregnancy is if I haven’t had all the text boom symptoms. Ppl are so critical and tend to forget we all carry differently. Some women carry bub towards the back so bump isn’t big some carry bub all out the front and have a prominent bump, we should just embrace one another and just say how beautiful we are without the negative bump size comments. I’m 13 weeks post partum with my first and it is the most incredible journey my life has taken me on.

    You look amazing and pregnancy absolutely suits you! Best of luck to you and Jim with baby Bartel xxx

  • Great article! Will definitely recommend my sister reads this as she is in her first trimester of her first pregnancy.. Best of luck for over the next month and cannot wait to see more pictures and join you on the rest of your journey and as a new mum xoxo

  • Try not to listen to all the negativity… It’s your pregnancy, your body. Just be prepared when the baby is born the criticism will be 10 fold. Breast feeding is really really hard for some women, I was one of them. I wasn’t expecting how hard it really is. I bottle fed my baby from 6 weeks old in the end. Just remember to follow whatever is best for you and Jimmy. Take on the advice that will work best for you two and just let the rest slide off your shaulders. Another thing is ask for help. If someone offers to help and you need it, take them up on the offer!! You’re about to experience the best thing to ever happen…. Also the hardest!! Good luck!! One last thing, just because you become a mother doesn’t mean you have to give up your career. I work part time and study full time and I’m happily married with a well adjusted two year old…. Only difference is I’m not in the public eye, so you’re going to cop some very unwanted and in needed advice!! Good luck!

  • Nadia, that was a beautiful read! Your a gorgeous woman with a perfect bump and your doing the best thing for your little bundle by trusting your instincts, being happy and being kind to yourself, they make the best mummies!
    We are quick to dish out compliments to others but forget about ourselves sometimes but good on you your doing a beautiful job and carrying that bundle amazingly! And I want to say good on you for embracing the weight gain and body changes, being in the limelight and into fashion you must get so many cristicisms and comments that really are just unnecessary! It’s amazing you stay so strong and positive, your bub is lucky to have a strong mumma!
    I’ve just had my second girl in two years, like you we fell without trying to (not once, but twice) and my hubby and I could not be happier! We have a 5 month old and a 20 month old and its the best thing to ever happen to us!
    Just remember to keep trusting your instincts, sleep whenever it feels like you can, go on as many date days, nights and weekends as you can in the next 6 weeks and make sure you and hubby still put each other first.
    My midwife when labour with my first gave me some beautiful advice… The most important person in your life is you, then your hubby, for a happy, well-looked after mummy is the best kind!
    Good luck with your next stages of your journey!
    Jess xx

  • Nadia, I’m 3 weeks behind you and can relate to so much of what you’ve experienced too. I did 5 pregnancy tests in about 36 hours because I wasn’t sure the first 4 were positives or not. Now I know why. And I know what you mean about the comments you get. I’m short and popped early so I’ve looked a little on the biggish side for quite a while so I constantly have people asking me if I am sure I’m not carrying two and that I look huge. After a while it’s a tiresome but I’m a bit like you and as long my OB is telling me all is good then I don’t let it bother me. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy and afterwards!

  • Babe, the haters are just gonna hate as always, pay no mind to that rubbish as best you can because the rest of us think you look great. And what a beautiful and helpful post you have written too. Struck a chord with me and I feel a bit better knowing there is someone else that thinks the same as me in terms of the career mum juggling act (I’m not yet a mama but it’s always on my mind). All the best for the pending birth and I can’t wait to find out whether boy or girl! You guys will be awesome parents x

  • Nadia thanks for such a great read. I too received negative comments for being ‘too small’ with my now 5 month old. Little did all these ‘strangers’ know that I was actually having a really difficult pregnancy, (my placenta wasn’t working properly) I had been hospitalised at 29 weeks, given steroids and was doing my best to walk the fine line between delivering a prem baby and trying to keep him in as long as possible.

    My little boy was born at 35 weeks weighing only 1916g – he spent a couple of weeks in the special care nursery but is a happy and healthy boy today.

  • What a great blog post! I’ve been following you on Insta for yonks and now always look out for and enjoy your bump posts and look forward to you sharing more of your newest baby journey with us xx

  • Embrace your beautiful body Nadia! We have been covering pregnancy at uni (studying physio) this month and it is great to read what exercise has worked for you, can’t wait to hear more about the pilates! Have you tried any swimming or water based exercise to ease thet pelvic pain? All the best for the remainder of your pregnancy!

  • Loved the read! Good to hear how the pregnancy has been for you- you look amazing!! I hope to be pregnant one day soon so interesting to hear what it can be like. Love ur work and keep smiling x x

  • Have really loved following your pregnancy on Instagram, and this was a great read. I am 12 weeks today with our first baby and can definitely understand your body feeling different and in an awkward stage, that’s where I’m at at the moment! I’m already feeling the pressure and worry of the changes my body is going through (and even how I’m going to dress myself :/ )
    I can’t even imagine the scrutiny you are under from social media, I’ve never been able to understand how people can be nasty just because there’s a screen in front of them. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy and the birth of your beautiful baby, I can’t wait to see how the rest of your journey pans out xxx

  • Hehe it’s like reading my own pregnancy bio! Every single thing you described was exactly the same as me…except for the lemons! Pregnancy is so crazy that anything and everything is “normal”! Enjoy the ride and the next amazing months with your new family. Choose only a few people to listen to for advice and ignore everyone else xxx

  • I love reading real blog posts and can relate in so many ways. However – I had twin girls! Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy journey – its certainly an amazingly beautiful ride worth every single second to meet your blessing X

  • I am 33 weeks and have enjoyed reading this blog entry 🙂 sorry people feel like they can say whatever they feel like to you. You are one beautiful pregnant mumma… I am probably half your height and carry very differently (all out the front!!) and I would love to look like you!

  • Thanks for writing this Nadia and being open and honest about the weight you have gained and the negative comments you gave received about your bump size. All bumps are beautiful, as you said, no matter the size. Im having the opposite problem as a size 10 but having a big belly and people continually asking ‘are you sure there is only one in there?’. We will have beautiful healthy babies in the end and that is what matters.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Nadia. I honestly thought and still think you are the most beautiful preggo lady I’ve seen! I am 29wks myself and have been stealing some of your dresses ideas for the bump, so thank you for sharing your looks!
    People always tend to criticize, especially when their experience is different to yours. You look stunning – enjoy the rest of the pregnancy, it will fly by so quickly. And wishing you safe and quick delivery!

  • Thanks so much Nadia for sharing your journey so far. I am 11 weeks pregnant and feel horrible all the time and don’t recognize myself or my body already! It is such a relief to hear you felt so many of the same symptoms I am feeling everyday. I am shocked that people think they can comment on your body and size, that is awful. Good on you for not letting it upset you. You look amazing and you are such an inspiration for dressing the bump 🙂 I hope you share more of your baby journey, especially choosing a pram, cot, bassinet, styling a unisex nursery, what to pack for the hospital! Thanks again and all the very best for the arrival of your baby xx

  • I just read your story Nadia and thanks so much for sharing it with us, I think its fantastic that you share your pregnancy experience with other people and being honest to your true feelings as your talk us through each stage of your journey. My husband and I hope that we too can have a family of our own. Its handy to hear other people’s advice on the topic. Wishing you all the best and enjoy motherhood very soon lovely xxx 🙂

  • Thanks great story! If you have pelvic girdle pain skip the walking and stairs and go and see Fitwise in East Melbourne. Wish I had done it sooner than try and be active through it 🙂 Best of luck

  • I am 19 weeks along and my friend warned me about the body comments, I just didn’t realise people would actually SAY them and MEAN it without even considering what it meant to me!

    A girl I worked with asked me every day “how are you feeling?” ” are you eating?” (I am naturally very thin and fast metabolism, it’s genetic and I eat like a horse!) finally, she couldn’t help herself one day and said “you are too skinny to grow a healthy baby”. I’m sure she thought I was so vain and starving myself because I hadn’t put on any weight. I really let it get to me for a bit, but I came to the realisation that I know what I’m doing to take care of my body and my baby, and who gives a #*^% what anyone else thinks!!

    Good luck and enjoy your baby.

    • I know exactly what you mean, I experienced all of those comments too. It’s so frustrating as you know how much you eat, but some people don’t understand that we are all different. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Don’t you worry about people’s comments. When I was pregnant with my first many years ago, a lot of people were making similar comments. I’m not sure why people do this but my doctor told me not to worry and I delivered a very healthy little girl. Once you’ve had the baby you’re going to go through the next stage which is all these expert people telling you how to care for the baby. Everyone is different and people like to be negative. The only one I took notice of was my mum. Enjoy your pregnancy and don’t allow people to worry you. It’s a very happy time and you will love every minute. Look forward to the pics of the Bartel family. xxx

  • Nadia I’ve just commenced following your blog today after reading a story on about horrible comments you are receiving regarding your pregnancy shape. Not that it should matter what “I” think but you look beautiful and am now interested in hearing your happy news. I thought you looked stunning at the Brownlows also. All the best with your final weeks of pregnancy. I am an older mum and I put on 17kgs during my pregnancy too. Every BODY and PREGNANCY is different! Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy and hope you enjoy motherhood as much as I am enjoying it – 3.5 years in now (5.5 yrs as a step before my love’s birth)!

    • I swear by these Fairlie. I too have passed on the information to pregnant friends. I wore them straight after my bub was born and those, along with walking everyday and breastfeeding returned to just under my pre pregnancy weight. Although can’t say I am there these days lol – might have to get them out again 🙂

      • That’s awesome to know Cassandra! I haven’t been blessed with babies (or a significant other yet 😉 ) so I didn’t know if what I was hearing was a bit of marketing spin, although I knew one or two people who had used them. Maybe I should get some to rid me of my food ‘baby’!! hahaha

  • I’m 25 weeks, and my experience sounds very similar to yours! I’ve put on 10kgs so far, and although it freaks me out as I’m only a small person and have always been slim, part of me thinks it’s ok cos it’s all for the benefit of the baby! I’m amazed at the comments people make, although not many have been directed at me – I think people know me well enough to not say anything (I’m Italian after all, I will bite your head off). I know you don’t won’t to be a mummy blogger, but I really enjoyed reading this post!

  • Well Nadia, the only reason I can think that people would criticise ….is jealousy!
    You look healthy and fit and that is all you have to worry about.
    Congratulations, to you and your husband on your pregancy.

  • Hi Nadia, I”m really sorry that you have had to deal with these nasty comments. People are so awful sometimes. You look amazing and healthy to me!

  • Hi Nadia. I’m not usually one to comment on posts but I had a very similar experience.
    Every day I got told my bump was so tiny and that I mustn’t have been eating enough. Let’s just say that those who knew me the best know I eat really well. I’ve been slim my whole life and while pregnant nothing really changed except for the beach ball down my top. I only put on 7kgs my whole pregnancy and was sent for an extra scan at 32 weeks to make sure bub was growing OK. I’m 6ft and bub was growing fine but my long torso hid him well. My OB was on holidays when bub decided to arrive and the OB who covered for her said to me as I was in labour your baby must be very small because you have no bump!! Great thing to say .. NOT!! Bub arrived 13 weeks ago now a very healthy 7’7 or 3.3kgs. Don’t let anyone get to you because as you now know, carrying your child means daily worries that your doing the right thing. You know what’s best for your bub while they are in your belly and you will know what’s right when he/she arrives (the haters will have their opinions then too).
    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Jacqui x

  • Hi Nadia, great article. As Taylor Swift sings…the haters are going to hate,hate,hate…your OB is the only opinion that counts! Well done on getting this far and all the best for your next month. Such a special time x

  • Nadia, you are absolutely stunning and should be so proud of yourself for sharing your experiences with us, you have a supportive hubby, family and friends out there – the haters are always going to find someone to criticise! You are going to be a wonderful mum! I am currently battling the idea of my career and wanting to become a mum so could really relate to your post Best wishes for a safe and easy labour, can’t wait to stalk your newborn bubba pics! Xx

    • Hi Aliesha, thanks for taking the time to read the post. I know, the whole career v mum thing is hard, I battled it for so many years. You will definitely know when the time is right. All the best x

  • Loved reading your post Nardia, I saw you in a bakery in Bay St Port Melb on Thurs just gone. You look an absolutely amazing pregnant lady I admire you for speaking up about those negative comments, I can relate to you very much, I am an small petite lady also and when l was pregnant with my first and then twins second l copped flack people saying l should be bigger eat more are you watching your weight Bla bla!
    We are who we are and as long as the baby is healthy and developing at the normal rate and you are healthy that is all that really matters. To put it quite bluntly those women making those comments particularly stopping you in the street are simply plainly jealous and probably very insecure in themselves and probably think saying something horrible to someone else will make them feeling better about themself. Keep doing what you are doing cause it obviously agrees with you, all the very best,

  • Nadia everyone is different and when pregnant your different again. You have to learn to fade out when the toxic people start on you. I refused to listen to all the gory details women seem to want to share when pregnant! I was 179cm and weighed 58Kg when I got pregnant and didn’t look like I was pregnant until about the seventh month. That was just my body I didn’t change a thing in my life style just wanted to be super positive as I wasn’t sick I was pregnant! The last six weeks of my pregnancy was when I really popped!. Don’t listen to the negative gossip and take no notice of randoms on the street who know absolutley nothing about you. I disliked strangers thinking they could touch my belly just because I was pregnant!. Regretfully some people have no manners, respect or filter. This period in your life is about you, your husband and the gorgeous child you’ll meet very soon! All the best stay positive,stay true to yourself after all you know whats best for you bugger everyone else! Kind Regards Victoria B

    • Hi Victoria, thanks for your comment. You are so right, everyone holds differently when they are pregnant. I have really popped now too, I feel like I am getting bigger everyday with only 5 weeks to go and I love it x

  • Great read Nadia. Don’t worry about the negative comments out there. I was 49kgs b4 I feel pregnant and gained 19kgs, only started showing at 27weeks. Everyone is different, as long as your baby is growing and comes out happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. All the best for your journey into motherhood. It’s hard but the most rewarding job you will ever do. Keep up the great work on your blog. Regards Marissa.

  • You’re having a boy!! I’d almost put money on it. You craved the same things I did (fruit is often common with boys) and the shape of your belly is one of someone carrying a boy!! I got comments that I looked like I was carrying twins and I was overdue and this was when I was 7 months!! You can’t win by being too big or too small!! Good luck with the pregnancy and birth!!

  • Loved reading this article, at 24 weeks myself I have had much the same experience as you so far. It’s certainly not easy, every day is different and unpredictable, your mind plays crazy tricks on you and you feel so out of control! What you’re doing is amazing, people need to stop being so judgy and let you just get on with it! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Nadia what a delightful funny and sensitive column. As an avid footy fan be that the Hawks I’ve followed you through really Jimmy’s career but loved watching you walk a red carpet. Through my love of shoes I’ve seen your wittner campaign and noticed this blog through tony bianco’s page. I don’t know you at all but through this can see what a sensitive lovely bright young woman you seem to be and that your pregnancy is going to plan and is all natural. I’m glad you don’t listen to the negativity and stupidity of those people who have the audacity to approach you in the street and say anything negative to you. I’ve always been a confident socialist person but after my pregnancy and the weight gain I hide myself away and feared the judgement as I didn’t lose the weight gain. I suffered post natal depression alone and this has led to many ailments I’m glad to say seem to have passed. So my message is to continue your positivity, your gorgeous selfies and hear!s to a glowing healthy beautiful baby and a safe return to normal body weight for you afterwards. Thanks for sharing your journey with others and allowing young mums to feel normal and safe in themselves xxx

  • Hi Nadia
    Thanks for a great and very true read, im actually 30 weeks with my second little angel on the way and have had both great pregnancies with no sickness just the same as you with the sciatica 🙁 which gets sore at the end of the week as im a hairdresser and have my own bridal hair and makeup business here in margaret river wa which keeps me busy! Especially with my princess Billie Blue (2.5years) to keep up with.
    Love raiding your instagram everytime i have a function as we have had that many weddings and engagement parties ahhhh!! i think oh god what am i going to wear then i think i know ill stalk nadias insta and see what shes wearing atm haha
    All the best look forward to seeing what you guys have
    All i can say is being a busy working mumma is tough and you get the guilts for sure but i love it! Plus i was really lucky and had a very good little baby that slept, fed and played really well, heres hoping for another !
    All the best

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