July 22, 2013

I recently caught up with my stunning friend Renee, she is one of those people that has the ability to brighten up your day as soon as you meet her. She is genuine, beautiful, funny and so talented. She is such an inspiration, recently giving birth to her beautiful little boy Boh which she...

I recently caught up with my stunning friend Renee, she is one of those people that has the ability to brighten up your day as soon as you meet her. She is genuine, beautiful, funny and so talented. She is such an inspiration, recently giving birth to her beautiful little boy Boh which she makes look too easy if you ask me,she still looks as glam as ever. She was straight back to work as stylist at Westfield Geelong. She is also the better half of Geelong footballer Corey Enright, you should see these two together, so in love!

Renee has the best wardrobe along with a cool edgy style, so I was lucky to pick her brain to find out more about her unique style, key pieces to buy this winter and items she can’t live without.

renee enright headshot

Renee is your name but you’re also known as super women. You only had your gorgeous little baby boy Boh 8 months ago yet you are already back at your day job killing it as the resident stylist at Westfield Geelong, freelance fashion contributor for Geelong Advertiser and teaching a short fashion styling course at Gordon Tafe how do you juggle it all? Ha ha I am definitely not superwoman! I am however extremely fortunate in my role at Westfield Geelong to have a position that doesn’t require me to be in centre everyday. Each week is different to the next, obviously key season it can get quite busy, but generally the job gives me the freedom I need to be flexible, schedule appointments around my availability, be creative and do what I love yet still be the best mum I can be to Boh.

Working as a freelance fashion contributor for The Geelong Advertiser is so great for me because it’s work I can primarily do from home.IMG_1345

I could not be doing any of this though without the support of my amazing family. My Mum Annie is incredible and Boh absolutely loves that special time he has with her, she’s Scottish and has a big loud accent and so much energy, he just adores her. Corey is also a wonderful support and an incredible dad. I am very lucky, it’s a good healthy work/life balance I have at the minute.

Everything has sort of just fallen into place and I couldn’t be happier with how my business is going. The wheels are in motion for a few new exciting things going forward too, so watch this space

CR-352 renee-corey-wide

Tell me about your role as Resident Stylist at Westfield, what is a typical day like? What do you love about it? That’s the great thing about doing what I do, no two days are ever the same. A typical day could be one on one personal styling sessions with clients, home visits for wardrobe makeovers, sourcing product for a photo shoot, being on set at a photo shoot, to MC’ing and hosting fashion events and style workshops.

There’s also the Visual Merchandise displays that I create and change each fortnight with the help of my superstar assistant Angelina. I love the diversity of my role. There are always new things popping up within Westfield and it makes for an exciting workplace.

Helping people gain confidence in themselves & seeing the amazing transformations that occur during a personal styling session will always be the most rewarding aspect of my job as a stylist. I love it.

IMG_1388 IMG_1374

What advise can you give other aspiring fashionistas wanting to break into the industry? The best advice I can give anyone wanting to make it into the fashion industry and what I drill into my students is to put your hand up for as much work experience as you can. Hound people, email call put yourself out there and ask for anything you can get. Yes you might need to work for free, and probably work your arse off, but not only will you gain so much invaluable knowledge, it’s all about networking and you just never know who you will meet and what doors it could possibly open up.

Who’s style do you admire at why? For me it’s all about effortless style, looking like you haven’t thought about every last detail. Like it’s just how you’ve rolled out of bed

Christine Centenera is the epitome of effortless style, she oozes cool and never gets it wrong, ever. Anna Dello Russo is another of my style icons, she doesn’t care, she is bold and daring and crazy and I love her. The great thing about social media today is that with a click of a button you can be scouring over hundreds of images on Instagram, street style pics & random everyday people showing off their own unique sense of style. I am inspired everyday

 You have a stunning unique sense of style, how would you describe your look right now? I am forever changing my own personal style, it’s normally determined by how I am feeling that day. I like mixing it up, I might be all about my flat cap and cons, then the next day I’ll be parading around in 5 inch heels leather pants and a fur jacket. But that’s what I love that about fashion, it’s our chance to express ourselves daily.

I guess I would describe my style right now as laid back, classic yet with an edge. Which sort of just sounds like a fancy way of saying basic with a touch of weird doesn’t it ha ha, that’s ok weird is good.

renee-westfield1 IMG_1396 Renee-westfield

What are your favourite go to labels, where do you like to shop? I am such a random shopper, you can find me anywhere and everywhere always searching for the next best thing. Obviously with my job I spend a lot of time in centre at Westfield Geelong and find I do a lot of damage there. It’s hard to be in and out of stores and around all new product as it drops and not be tempted to grab that, oh and that, and “wow I need that!”

I love me some affordable fashion, and believe you don’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing and dress current and on trend. That is what my job is all about, teaching people how to put things together and be savvy with their shopping. Style isn’t about designer labels and expensive clothing, it’s about injecting your own personality and flair into your outfits and creating your own unique look.

I like mixing those more expensive pieces I have with the cheaper more affordable fashions.

Stores like Country Road, Glassons, Bardot and Glue are all places I like to shop, Edge Clothing is another, they stock labels I love like Imoni, Zanerobe, and Jorge, whom I am super spoiled to be sponsored by and who supply me with loads of their amazing new product each season. LOVE! (the perks of the job hey!)

Outside of work my go to labels are ones like Bassike and Victoria & Woods, I live in my basic staple tee’s and tanks and like investing in good quality Coats and Knitwear. Things that will last you season through season.

I am addicted to Asos, love Revolve Clothing and Farfetch and of course frequent the copious amount of online boutiques I follow on Instagram.

You will also find me scouring the racks at the Mill Markets and other vintage stores. And don’t forget Ebay, I have snagged a few amazing things on there.

Mmmm …do I have a problem?


What trends are on your winter hit list? I am loving the influx of denim at the moment, double denim, chambray, distressed denim, coated denim. There can never be too many holes and rips in my jeans at the minute. Denim is huge and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Monochrome/Black & White is also a huge winter trend we will see continue into Spring. There’s something so sleek and sophisticated about seeing these 2 shades next to each other. Such a classic trend you can work so many different ways. Leather pants and a white shirt, such a killer combo so simple and so sexy. My absolute fave

 If you could only save three items from your wardrobe what would they be and why? Really!? Only three? Ughhh that is so so hard, there are so many things I just couldn’t bear the thought of losing! Ok well if the world depended on it I guess I would save the things that I couldn’t so easily replace

  1. I have an amazing long grey leather trench coat with fur collar that was my mums from the 70’s. It’s easily my favourite item in the wardrobe and probably always will be. It’s timeless & beautiful and tells such a story, she wore it the day she left Scotland as a young 19 year old just married and moving to Australia for a 12 month working holiday, fast forward 35 years and 5 kids later she is still here! It’s irreplaceable and without fail every time I wear it I get stopped and asked where it’s from. And no Nards, you cannot borrow it ha ha….seriously though, No
  2. Would have to be my wedding dress. I know BORING bla bla such a cliché. But I would save it not only for the sentimental value of course but I am still in love with the simplicity of it. A cotton wedding dress, who would of thought?! It just sums up everything our wedding day was. So much went into making that dress, I couldn’t imagine not having it to show my daughter one day, if I ever have a daughter. I need someone to pass down all of my favourite things!
  3. Would you believe it the third item I’d save is actually another coat, this one was an amazing find at a Vintage store about 4 years ago. Everytime I put it on I wonder how anyone ever parted with it in the first place. It’s a beautiful long royal blue velvet coat and it  fits like a glove. So unique and beautiful I am yet to see anything like it. Again it’s one of those pieces you wear and people stop you to ask where it’s from. I was wearing it on a trip to New York and was photographed for a streetstyle blog, they were in awe of this coat! Just like I am, it hangs pride of place in the wardrobe and is my best vintage find yet. I couldn’t replace it if I tried.

Three key pieces to buy this season? 

  1. The Winter Coat, invest in a gorgeous good quality timeless coat and it will see you though season after season. Stick to black or a neutral colour that isn’t seasonal
  2. Leather! Every girl needs a leather jacket in the wardrobe, and there’s so many affordable options out there right now. Leather pants are also a great key piece that will work in any winter wardrobe. Something I couldn’t go without, always a go to in my house. Leather obsessed
  3. The perfect ankle boot, your winter wardrobe is never complete without a gorgeous pair of black boots. You can wear them back with jeans, your leather pants and as the warmer months creep up team them with cut off denim shorts and your flowy summer dresses.

To book a personal styling session with this genius head HERE, you then pick Renee as your stylist and her bio will come up. You can also contact Renee directly at renee.enright@hotmail.com if you want more info on her styling course at Gordon Tafe or to get in touch, she would love to hear from you.

Image Credit: Geelong Advertiser.

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