Style Tips For Busy Women

We all lead super hectic lives, whether you are a stay at home mum juggling a thousand jobs, a working mum trying to do it all or a working girl with crazy deadlines it can leave you spinning. How are we meant to always step out looking perfectly polished and stylish? It’s a challenge for all of us. I am continually on the go, from daily trips between Geelong and Melbourne, throwing in trips to Sydney a few times a month and the daily grind of managing all my work behind the desk combined with shooting, daily meetings and styling sessions it can be hard. Here are my stying tricks I use to keep it together.

Monochrome: It’s not new news that I am a fan of monochromatic tones. Even if you love colour you should try wearing whites, greys and black for a quick trick on those days when you don’t have time to fuss about what you are wearing. Even if you feel like you haven’t put much effort in, it has the opposite effect. You will ooze class. Try matching tones of your jacket with your shoes.

A blazer always does the trick: We all know the old trick. A tailored blazer makes any outfit look 10 times better instantly.I am still saving for my Balmain blazer but until that day comes Zara, Topshop, Camila & Marc and the master of design; Dion Lee will do the trick.

I love that you can easily throw on a blazer with wide length pants and a pencil skirt at work or it looks just as good over your white tee shirt teamed with jeans. Textured blazers are on the rise; I have noticed geometric prints are popular choice.

Colour wise, you can never go wrong with black and gold button detailing. This year fresh khaki (this Camilla & Marc is one of my favourite of the season) navy and white are other good tones. I do find navy hard to work with other pieces in my wardrobe so think about what you are going to wear it with before you get your credit card out.


Have a range of stylish flats: Learning to embrace the flats has been a big style revelation for me, but hey, if it’s good enough for the French it’s good enough for me.

Let’s also face it, on those busy days, heels aren’t going to cut out.Pointed toe flats, strappy detailing and leopard textures are my pick. With the pointed ankle boot definitely my go to this season.

Accessories are key: Those little details play a big role on those days when you are on the run. The right bag, earrings and stacked rings is an easy way to add the finishing touches. I keep a few different options in my handbag.

Create your own uniform: Many of us don’t have the luxury of styling a new look everyday. So it is important to think about your favourite items in your wardrobe and create a winning formula for the season- a few looks that make you feel amazing.

We all know, that stylish celebrities have a good idea on what works for them. Kim Kardashian owns the cleavage, clinched at the waist, tight on the bum, pencil skirt look. Whereas Kate Moss owns that skinny black jeans, ankle boots, messy hair and blazer look. My go to look at the moment is layers and oversized proportions up top with skinny leg leather pants. Working out your statement look means you can get dressed in under 5 minutes without thinking at all


Have range of bright lipstick handy: Keeping a few statement lip colours in your handbag allows you to quickly elevate your look. A bright red, burgundy or plum are colours that can change your look in a blink and are big this winter. These lip colours also work with the navy, grey and white we are wearing all winter long.

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