July 1, 2015

It can be hard to know which beauty products to use, especially when it comes to serums. Here is one product that I love.

The crisp weather is well and truly here. I shouldn’t complain, as these chilly days are the perfect excuse for curling up on the couch and watching my favourite TV shows (hello, Game Of Thrones). It also allows me to layer up with my favourite winter warmers. Leather, tan and grey on grey have been on repeat.

The weather combined with my hectic work and social schedule does play havoc on my skin. It’s super dry, flaky, and rough combined with my usual oily patches around my T-zone. Yep, it’s not a pretty site.

One product that I loved when I was a late teen and through to my early 20’s was Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum. I know you may think it’s a little odd that a teenager with pretty good skin (not a wrinkle or bumpy skin in sight) would be using an intensive night serum.

If you know me, and my crazy ways, you wouldn’t find it that strange. I am obsessed with skincare, and I have always believed it was better to look after my skin by taking preventative measures rather than waiting until it was too late. I was lucky to receive great advice from my mum (aren’t they the best?) who told me that this product hydrates and brightens the skin (thanks to a good punch of hyaluronic acid). So it’s perfect for ladies of all ages.

So five years on (maybe recently turning 30 prompted me), I decided to give (my once loved) product another whirl; I also found out that they have introduced some new incredible technology to their iconic product, which means the product works wonders at night to target the signs of ageing.

So without getting too technical (I am no chemist) however, I do like to read up on the ingredients in a product, it’s all about their ChronoluxCB Technology. I can barely say the word, but it basically means this serum re-synchs skin’s natural night time repair, so the next morning I wake up with skin that looks more plump and has this glow about it. It also helps with night time purification, and the results get better and better over time.

And…all of this is happening while I sleep, which is a lifesaver in my book. I have noticed a huge difference in my overall skin appearance, and I prefer this to the original version, as I find it has worked faster to smooth my skin and doesn’t feel as sticky after.

The real fab news is it has doubled up as the perfect product for other parts of my body. I have begun using it on my thighs, being pregnant I have noticed this area of my body is growing, and it has kept it really supple and already helped to minimise a few of my stretchmarks. Yippee!

Photography: Liane Hurvitz


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  • Such an awesome serum! I can’t go a day without incorporating a serum into my skincare regimen. Gorgeous pics! x