April 16, 2015

Toni Maticevski blew me away with a collection that oozed class, sophistication and innovation.

Toni Maticevski blew me away (and I am sure many more) with a collection that oozed class, sophistication and innovation.

His show was the main reason I travelled to Sydney Fashion Week, as he never disappoints. He continually pushes to new heights, which was showcased in this refreshing new collection.

That’s why we all love his brand so much. He is constantly evolving in an industry where it would be easy to follow. He leads the way and others follow.

I love that he puts just as much effort into this show in Australia as he would if he was showing in Paris.

Every detail was thought of, from the brilliant soundtrack to the gifts on the seat (the custom black Lenovo tablets and beautifully wrapped candle are sitting nicely in my room)

The shiny elevated white floor in front of the oversized clean white wall against the industrial warehouse set the tone as soon as we walked in.

He focused on all white, soft pastels and delicate floral prints. Fabrics were moulded to perfection with endless layers and draping creating modern silhouettes.

My highlight was the incredible futuristic all gold pieces, which left everyone speechless.

Bravo Toni, for an absolutely outstanding collection that I am still thinking about.

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