April 7, 2016

So I was pretty chuffed when Wittner asked me to feature in their AW 16 #LIKEABOSS campaign.

So I was pretty chuffed when Wittner asked me to feature in their #LIKEABOSS AW16 campaign.

There were a few reasons I got excited. Firstly, I have always been a fan of their work. You have most likely seen me rock their lace up points numerous times before. Their shoes don’t just look great; they are also super comfy and durable. Tick!

Secondly, I got a sneak peek at this collection months ago and their deep crimson and navy hues had me drooling along with their edgy over the knee boots and new look lace ups, this range is strong and sexy and I had to be a part of it.

Thirdly, and one of the most important reasons, the theme of this shoot is centred around #LIKEABOSS – being the best boss, you can be. That’s in all facets of your life, whether you are at school, university, in the workforce or at home being a mum. Being confident and owning your look is key!

Since having Aston, my whole life has changed for the better. Before him, I would hear mothers say having a baby is life-changing but you don’t realise how true that is until it happens to you. I want to be with him 24/7. It is hard leaving him, even when it’s only for an hour or two and I feel guilty when I do.

I am not going to lie; it is very challenging juggling running my business and life with Aston. I have had to be more efficient and much more organised than ever before. I have always been a hard worker but used to be very laid back with approach; now I am all about routine, routine routine.

Creating a routine for Aston is important as I can then fit in work around him as he will always be my number one priority- and yes I know routines aren’t for everyone but it has been a saviour for me. It makes things a little more predictable (which is pretty much non-existant when you have a newborn).

Being my own boss, I can bring him into the office, which makes it easier, although we never get much done when he is there. He doesn’t like to sleep during the day and only takes 40-minute cat naps so sometimes I need help to get work done. I am very lucky that I have a huge support system, my Mum and Dad adore him and have been a great help looking after him.

My working days have changed a lot since Aston was born. I am breastfeeding so my day revolves around his feed times. I have recently moved into a big warehouse space just out of the city which has been great as my online store, The Con-nection is expanding. Previously, I ran both my blog and online store out of home and I was far less productive. Now that I have separated the two, I know that time at home is for Aston and Jim and when I go to the office, I am in work mode and I get a lot more done.

Being your own boss has its advantages as it gives you freedom and I can set my own working hours etc., but it is a lot of hard work, you have to be very motivated and you are 100% accountable. Particularly in those first few weeks when Aston was born, I didn’t want to have to work (and let’s not lie, my brain was pretty much mush- baby brain is a real thing) but when it’s your own business you have to do it.

Having a little baby forces you to slow down, but if anything it gives me great motivation to re-set my goals and focus on what is important to me.

So back to this amazing shoot- hope you love the shots! I had so much fun playing with all these incredible shoes and accessories, how insane is Wittner’s new leather pieces?! The over the knee boots and the ankle boots already have a place in my winter wardrobe.

I also loved working with a fab team (see all their credits below) that made the day super fun.

SHOP my edit from the shoot here

Photography: Michelle Tran

Styling: Lana Wilkinson

Makeup: Jade Kisnorbo

Hair: Marie Uva 

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  • Su

    Hi Nadia,

    What is the burgundy lace dress you are wearing? Can’t wait to get some of those over the knee boots!

    Su xxx