6 Things Super Stylish Women Do

I am putting together some interviews for the editorial section of my e-store so I am reading (AKA researching) my favourite fashion interviews onlone and one question that tends to get thrown around a lot is ‘who’s your style icon’ or ‘who’s style do you admire and why’. Why do so many of us follow style icons obsessively? It’s not just about celebrities and models anymore, we look to friends, workmates, strangers on the street and our Instagram feed for endless inspiration. What is it about these girls? and why do we love to follow them?

Yes, their outfits are always on point, but there is more, they have mastered that winning formula of never looking like they have tried too hard but always nail it.

This is how I think they continually get it right..

1. Invest in quality statement pieces I am very much into my classics but sometimes I love to give those trend-driven pieces a go, be it pyjama dressing or super wide-leg pants. With these buys, I always turn to high-street brands like Zara, Asos or H&M. These one-season buys should be affordable.

When it comes to that statement bag, jeans, leather jacket,  boots or tailored black dress it’s always worth coughing up some extra cash as investing in these statement pieces mean they are always more luxe and will last you for years.

2. Know your body type and what suits it– I have a pretty good idea what suits my body. I’m all about tailored pieces, skinny leg jeans, high-waisted pants, strapless and V-necklines. I love to layer to create curves. Understanding my proportions and what suits me means I am not swayed by new trends. Get your friends to take photos of you in different silhouettes and you will then discover what your most flattering style.

3. Learn to re-work/style key pieces- Those super stylish girls know how to mix and match. This is all about being able to re-work different pieces you own in your wardrobe into a variety of new looks. I am trying to take note of this, as my style can sometimes be a little too predictable, so before you buy it, think of at least three ways that you can style the piece with items you already own.

Maybe you pair that crisp white shirt with sneakers and low-slung pants or dress that leather jacket down with your ‘activewear’ on the weekend. It’s important to focus on those classic pieces we all own, like your classic white tee, button down shirts, ankle boots and blazers but making them work differently for you.

4. Own a signature makeup look- I am not saying to always wear a red lip or anything extreme like getting eyeliner tattooed but master your makeup routine.

I love a brown matte eye with a nude lip and I always curl my lashes and use an eye shadow primer. It means that you will become a pro at perfecting your look and you will always look polished.

5. Elevate simple looks with accessories that define you- I have spoken a lot about classic looks, and boy don’t I love them?! You will notice all these stylish gals love them too, but your accessories are what will really give you those fashion points. If your shoes are extra spesh, then let it do the talking and don’t wear clothes that will take away from them.

6. Create your own uniform All those stylish women have a particular look that you know they own. Like Kate Moss owns that skinny black jeans, ankle boots, messy hair and blazer look. Having a statement look means you can get dressed in under 5 minutes.


Photography: Stylesnooperdan

Wearing:Maurie & Eve dress from The Con-nection 

Linden Cook Choker from The Con-nection

Celine Trio Bag

Wittner Shoes

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