7 Podcasts You Need In You Life

Since becoming a mum my free time is very limited. It’s all about multitasking. Aston finally loves his pram and sometimes it’s the only way to settle him so that means I have been walking more than ever before. On these walks, there is only so much music I can listen to. I am also the kind of girl that always wants to learn something new (and time to sit and read is pretty much non-existant at the moment) so this is where my love with podcasts was born.

I first started listening to Serial– I have to give the hubby credit for getting me onto it. Initially, I was hesitant, a true-crime podcast talking through an incident that happened over ten years ago?! It might not sound too appealing, but it is so addictive, and I quickly became obsessed with it (like too obsessed, I pretty much cried when I finished the end of the series)

Serial opened me up to a new world of podcasts. I couldn’t believe you could download them all for free. I love being inspired by successful entrepreneurs across business, fashion and marketing.

Here are my top six.


If you love crime shows, and documentary’s like ‘making a murderer’ you will LOVE Serial. The podcast is hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig (she is brilliant, and never annoying, like some podcast hosts). She is investigating a murder of a popular girl at school that happened in 1999. The boy accused, Adnan Syed is the ex boyfriend and he is now serving a life sentence for the crime. He says he’s innocent but he cant exactly remember what he was doing on that afternoon. She speaks to everyone involved, including Adnan while he is in prison. It’s super addictive.


So I am sure that everyone out there as heard (or read) the hugely popular Man Repeller blog by Leandra Medine. I love that her blog keeps evolving- it is more about news, culture and humour rather than fashion these days, which is great as she has created her niche. The podcast is brilliant. It is hosted by Jay Buim and he sits down with women in the arts, tech, fashion and beyond for one on one conversations about their life and work. Some of the podcasts start a little slow but if you are willing to listen for a little longer you will gain some great business tips. Some of my favourite episodes have been with interviews with Emily Wiess (founder of Into The Gloss), fashion stylist, Shiona Turini, Founder of Manrepeller, Leandra Medine and Christene Barberich, co-founder of Refinery29


I am a big sucker for motivational/ inspirational books, so it’s no surprise that I also gravitate to these type of podcasts. This podcast is hosted by entrepreneur Amy Porterfield and is one of those that gets me oh so inspired to achieve all my business goals. It may not be for everyone, but if you have an online business (or looking to start one) or have a marketing role her podcast is for you. She focusses on strategies to maximise your growth online, and she is very open about her success and what has worked for her (she has made millions from only selling online). I love that she has practical tips, I normally have to stop walking to write them down. She also interviews interesting entrepreneurs in the marketing world that share their advice.


I felt really inspired when I finished Sofia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss a few years ago. For those of you that don’t know her, she is the founder of Nasty Gal and grew a hugely successful online business from humble beginnings. I had a feeling I would like her podcast- I wasn’t disappointed. I love her laid back approach; it’s easy listening. She interviews a range of influential and inspirational #girlbosses from around the world from creatives, entrepreneurs, writers and business owners, they share awesome tips to their success along the way. I love that she covers a lot of different topics.


This podcast doesn’t need much explanation. We all know the power of a TEDTalks, the video’s have always inspired me. I love that they a short and snappy (usually around the 15 to 20-minute mark). Listening to them on a podcast is a great way to get inspired, each talk is hosted be a different entrepreneur, innovator or creative as they share their knowledge and stories. This podcast never gets stale because every session is very different from the last.


If you are after the latest fashion news from around the globe, then this podcast is for you. It covers the most recent fashion shows, new collections, designer news. It is a great podcast if you work in the fashion industry (or a just obsessed with all things faaaashon). It’s a goodie!


I have been following Darren Rowse on Twitter for a while now as he offers insane tips for bloggers. He covers everything from new technology, tips to create better content, etc. His podcasts are great as he offers broad advice that you can adapt to any topic that you blog or create content about. It is also very handy for non-bloggers as you can use his advice for any online business.

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