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Spring Fashion Myer 2017

Walking into the private property in Coogee was nothing short of amazing and served as the perfect backdrop for the Myer Spring Fashion 2017 show. The view was so incredible it almost didn’t look real.

5 Jean Styles I Am Living In

Tomorrow is Jeans for Genes day and I am so excited to come on board as an ambassador this year.  It is a charity that is very close to my heart, as a mum and someone who has always admired the research taking place at the Children’s Medical Research Institute, I couldn’t wait to be involved in this year’s Jeans for Genes campaign. Every dollar raised on the day helps the CMRI to discover treatments and cures so children can lead healthy lives. So, that inspired me to create a post on six of my favourite jean styles I have been wearing non-stop, as this winter is an exciting time for denim as there are more styles to try than ever before.

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How A Week At Glow Camp Changed My Skin

When you get asked to spend a few days in Byron Bay with the founder of Scandinavian skin care brand Ole Henrikson you always say yes. Especially when you are told you are going to Glow Camp. I had no idea what Glow Camp was, but anything with glow in it when it’s associated with your skin sounds good in my books. I quickly learnt that it is a concept that Ole created, he does it all over the world. It is all about finding your inner and outer glow, he calls it the #OleGlow. You work on spending the time to re-connect with yourself. He also evaluates your skin and puts you on a new skincare regime.

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5 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe

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Over the years I have made a conscious effort to buy less. Now I focus on classic, quality fashion items that suit my body shape. This year is the first time I can confidently say I have been sticking to it (hallelujah!). I was tired of looking at my wardrobe (overflowing, I might add) and still feeling like I had ‘nothing to wear’. The more clothes you own does not necessarily give you more outfit options; it can end up confusing you and let’s not talk about the wasted money.

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My Fav Baby Products For New Mums

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I was overwhelmed when I was pregnant with Aston, thinking about all the different baby products I needed for him. I can’t tell you how many times I walked into those baby stores, then leaving swiftly after with my hands empty as there was too much to choose from. All those rows of nappies, onesies, toys, prams, dummies and cots, bedding (ahhhhh, baby product overload). I didn’t know where to start.

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