Baby Bartel

So I wasn’t keen on having a baby shower. I didn’t feel I had time. There has been so much going on, organising everything for the baby(I still don’t feel ready less than a week out) also finishing up all my work which has been busy. Well, this was my excuse that I kept telling my sister and mum. So after my sister and friends gently coerced me for weeks, I realised this is a party to celebrate little bubba, it’s not about if I want it or not. It’s also a good chance to catch up with all my besties before baby arrives. So I finally agreed to have one, literally a week and a half before the event- and to tell you the truth, I’m really glad I did.

I wanted an intimate event that was all about yummy drinks (cocktails for my guests and mocktails for me), food and sweets (no games or opening presents thanks) and enlisted the fab Rochelle and Dulce from Styled By Coco to help us put it all together. They blew it out of the ballpark.

My sister is a little creative genius (she has a degree in Visual Merchandising) and has styled some of the biggest fashion events so she helped to organise the look with the Styled By Coco girls. Of course, she ‘consulted’ me along the way as she knows this control freak needs to be across everything.

We don’t know the baby’s sex so we went for a fresh white on white theme and introduced elements of copper and natural wood to break it all up.

The Styled By Coco ladies also had the idea of creating a theme around #BabyBartel, which I loved. I thought it would only be on the invite, so got a huge surprise when I walked through the door and saw that they created this insane wall installation that had Baby Bartel written in copper on the wall combined with these cool industrial copper poles placed in linear criss-cross positioning. My favourite white and green flowers framed the wall; it was so gorgeous!

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