Why I Believe Business Networking Is Important

Working collaboratively with people, either one-on-one or in larger groups, is such an amazing way to work. From both a creative perspective & a business perspective. There’s honestly nothing better than sitting down with someone who shares your passions to brainstorm ideas, plans and/or designs. Your mind explodes with innovative possibilities!

Working with Bumble Bizz over the last few months has been an absolute pleasure s it’s allowed me to speak out about the importance of sharing our connections. Bumble Bizz is Bumble’s latest platform, helping business women find their one connection in this big & explosive entrepreneurial world. Connecting like-minded people is an idea women need to support and get behind. We’re a powerful force when we’re side-by-side!! Sharing a contact or introducing two people can lead to incredible things.

The fashion & media industry in particular always seemed to feel a little hush, hush. There was fear around sharing ideas and working collaboratively with one & other. Times are changing though … and for the better! These days we’re all getting comfortable with the idea that  “our net-worth, is our network.” Bringing people together is now one of the greatest things women can do for each other & for ourselves.

Think of where you are now for a quick moment. Your role, the company you work for, maybe even a mentor/mentee relationship you have. I bet there’s someone responsible for helping you get to where you are. Over the course of our careers, we’ve all had that one special introduction that we cherish. Someone who has gone above & beyond to steer us in the right direction. Think about how special it would feel if you could pass on the favour?

For me personally, Lana Wilkinson was my first “connection”. Lana opened my eyes to the possibilities that lay outside of my career in magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very fortunate & grateful to have been working in my dream industry but I wanted to get out there and explore the working world in my own unique way. Like many female entrepreneurs I was ready to take some risks, push some boundaries and learn by throwing myself into the deep end.

It was Lana who really inspired me to give it a shot. How grateful I am for that push!! It felt a little scary as I moved into the unknown territory of starting my own business but oh my gosh! The feeling of liberation & inspiration that followed was worth the leap of faith. Ten fold!! If you’re in a similar position & you are umm’ing & ahh’ing about making the move – don’t let fear hold you back. My advice is to be rational about it. Get some savings together, make a plan & start creating a supportive network. Never be afraid to ask someone you know for an introduction or a connection. What’s there to lose?

Even if your network starts with one person, thats enough to get you going. If you trust them & they believe in you (and of course you believe in yourself), you’ll be on your way to a beautiful future.

If someone asks you for a connection, be open to it. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being a part of connecting the dots that lead to magnificent creations. Women need to stick together in this world!

Below is a video I created with Bumble sharing details on why I think business networking is so important and also a few photos from an event I recently hosted for Bumble Bizz down at Pontoon, St Kilda. The event was buzzing with incredibly innovative individuals from a variety of professions all chatting away! I feel very honoured to have shared my Sunday afternoon with such a brilliant crowd. Thanks for having me Bumble!

For those interested in the Bumble Bizz movement, make sure to follow @bumblebizz 

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