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Early last year, I was so excited to work on a little project with the talented Nicole Rosenberg from Liberty Interiors. Nicole and I had just worked together on a few other projects, she created a beautiful nursery for Henley and she also helped freshen up other areas in my house, my master bedroom and our kitchen area.

We were talking about how the boys needed a cute and versatile play area to run amuck in, at this stage Henley was only a newborn but we wanted to create a space which would grow with the boys as they grew older and allowed for a lot of imaginative play. I was also after a space that the boys could make their own, as well as an easy area for them to play in when their friends came over (it’s also handy to keep all the mess outside, haha)

We instantly thought of Castle and Cubby, I was already a huge fan of their work, their cubbies always popped up on my Instagram feed and I loved that they are so unique and are all hand made in Melbourne and Byron Bay. Castle and Cubby’s brand message resonated with me as all materials are sustainably sourced with new and recycled timbers and free of chemicals, as well as their passion for organic, nature based, imaginative, playful and family shines through in everything they create.


When it came to picking the style we wanted, I chatted to Nicole about wanting a cubby that looked masculine and edgy but was also practical for boys. Castle and Cubby really nailed the brief.

I initially wanted Hampton vibes, but then we went for a style that also suited my house. It was really important for Aston to have a little slide and an area for him to serve food and play chef as he loves that kind of play. Nicole created a Pinterest board as she knows my style so well and we were off. She included a design for cool blue barn door, with the boys initials as wooden door handles.

Castle and Cubby have so many cubby designs to choose from, we went for the XL Mini Zimi Cubby which I was so happy with, as we don’t have a huge yard, so I felt that this cubby design offered a lot of play area for the boys but didn’t take up too much space.

There is a full selection of other designs on their website there are so many designs to choose from, depending on your needs, you can make slight changes so their current cubby styles so it fits in with your specific needs. They also have two workshops in Melbourne and Byron Bay and they offer freighted delivery to all locations across Australia.

I loved the white trimming that we included and the custom painting to the interior and exterior as well as the extended hardwood decking. The woodwork structure of our cubby is such good quality and made to perfection, it was made on site, so Aston loved watching it all come together. I swear this cubby feels nicer to sit in than some of the rooms in my house. The boys also love the custom slide platform with white slide.

The boys love playing in it together, as Aston loves using the serving area as his own little kitchen and serves Henley and I as we sit on the outside. He also loves the slide and watering his plants using his little watering can.

Henley is so obsessed with the slide; he is a little daredevil and he also enjoys playing with the kitchen.

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For more details on Castle and Cubby www.

Nicole from Liberty Interiors

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