Makeup Tutorial

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I am so excited to finally shoot this makeup tutorial together for you. I think it is going to be so much easier to show you what beauty products I love and how I love to use them rather than just write posts like I usually do.
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How A Week At Glow Camp Changed My Skin

When you get asked to spend a few days in Byron Bay with the founder of Scandinavian skin care brand Ole Henrikson you always say yes. Especially when you are told you are going to Glow Camp. I had no idea what Glow Camp was, but anything with glow in it when it’s associated with your skin sounds good in my books. I quickly learnt that it is a concept that Ole created, he does it all over the world. It is all about finding your inner and outer glow, he calls it the #OleGlow. You work on spending the time to re-connect with yourself. He also evaluates your skin and puts you on a new skincare regime.

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My Secret To Perfect Hair

I like to think I am a bit of a whiz when it comes to styling my hair.

At times I can be a little OTT, but I like it to sit with bounce, shine and the perfect wave, is that not too much to ask? (I warned you I am over the top). I am lucky to have an incredible hairdresser, and I have pretty much copied (sorry Marie) all of her A-grade styling tips, which allows me to master great hair at home.
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My Secret To Glowing Skin

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All of you know I am a big fan of active skincare – I have been raving about (here and here) its benefits for years, but I also have some other tips for glowing skin to share with you, and that’s the importance of peels, lasers, and intensive exfoliation treatments. These deeper treatments are how you actively fix your skin problems (be it pigmentation, acne, bumpy skin, uneven skin tone or fine lines, etc.) and work alongside all the good work you do with active skincare. It’s the finishing touch that really makes your skin sing.
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My Favourite Lippy Colours

The lipstick shade I choose to wear each day is just as important as the clothes I wear. I am a girl that has always been lipstick obsessed (in my handbag you will find 10 different shades at any time because I need them all right?) and wearing certain colours changes my mood instantly. I have always been a fan of a simple nude lipstick; I love playing with different neutral tones. Over the last few years, I have become much more adventurous, looking at orange/reds, plums and brighter pink hues to brighten up my day and help change up my look.
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