Mascara | How To Guide

The first thing on my mind in the morning is coffee, and the cup that my home coffee machine spits out just doesn’t cut it. So that means I need to get out of the door quickly. As much as I love my makeup (on the weekends I go all out). During the week, it’s all about getting it done as quick as I can so I can tackle the work day. One beauty product that I must wear every day is mascara. I am not fussy with foundation, bronzer or even blush, but I need that little black lacquer coated on my lashes or else I don’t feel like me. I have long lashes, but they are annoyingly straight, so I am always on the hunt for a great mascara. I have tried all the expensive brands that promise the world, but they just don’t cut it, especially with their high price tag.

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The One Serum You Need

The crisp weather is well and truly here. I shouldn’t complain, as these chilly days are the perfect excuse for curling up on the couch and watching my favourite TV shows (hello, Game Of Thrones). It also allows me to layer up with my favourite winter warmers. Leather, tan and grey on grey have been on repeat.

The weather combined with my hectic work and social schedule does play havoc on my skin. It’s super dry, flaky, and rough combined with my usual oily patches around my T-zone. Yep, it’s not a pretty site.
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Scents | My top 5

A spritz of perfume is an essential step in my beauty routine; I am sure I am not alone? I love the memories certain smells evoke. It’s like when I smell Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘Tommy Girl’ it takes me back right back to my teenage years (cringe) when I thought I was oh so cool wearing it every day. Of course over time your tastes change, I now love citrus, fresh scents, sometimes I am in the mood for musky cotton fresh scents but nothing too floral.
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Nude Lips | How To

My favourite beauty look to rock is barely there nude lips. I love skin that looks fresh, dewy and bronzed. I always focus on my eyes with biscuit brown shades during the day and smoky brown/copper looks at night and nothing teams with smoky eyes better than a bit of nude on the lips. It can get confusing to know which nude tone is best for you. I own about 20 different shades depending on my mood.
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Skincare | Products I love

I am so happy to share my first beauty post for 2015 (woo hoo!). I can’t believe how badly I lagged behind with beauty stories last year. I feel awful, as I know I promised you so much more (but they never came).

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