4 winter trends with HUGO BOSS

I am sure you are all aware by now that I love shopping at HUGO BOSS. I have so many fond memories of shopping there in my early teens with my Mum.

Back then it was Mum who was looking for those key statement pieces- my Mum is a big believer in investing in quality, classic pieces, as these items have longevity in our wardrobe and can be styled back with more basic items. I am lucky that I learnt this styling tip from her and now we love shopping at HUGO BOSS together.

I know I can head instore and pick her up something that she is going to love. If it’s a trench or a pair of sunglasses, a classic pair of pointed heels or one of their cute bags. There are so many options this Mother’s Day that have just dropped in store.

They have a strong collection of suiting this season -you all know I am partial to a great suit. This collection there is an injection of fresh new shades with terra brown, desert sand, plum and blue making it a standout colour combination.

All black is always strong. I love the long-lined sleeveless black jacket that I am wearing as it has a longer hemline so it’s flattering on the body and doubles as a strong workwear piece.

Tailoring is always at their core- and this new collection has so many pieces that fit on the body so well. That’s why they nail suiting, coats and jackets. Their jackets fit on my body perfectly and never look bulky.

These are four key trends that I will be wearing on rotation this autumn winter:

1. Snakeskin– We are well versed that animal prints are here to stay, and its all of them- leopard, cheetah, zebra and snakeskin. I love wearing snakeskin the most as it pairs well with denim and one of my favourite ways to wear it this season is to layer it and clash prints.

2. Check Trench– Check looks great with a simple white tee to keep it fresh but it also looks great mixed with contrasting checks and prints

3. All Black- It’s what I always fall back to when I don’t know what to wear, and with good reason as it looks smart, sophisticated and doesn’t date.

4. Colour blocking- Wearing one strong colour from head to toe is defintely having a moment. We are seeing lots of greens, pinks and blue. If a bold colour is too daring you can keep things simple by choosing one block colour piece and layering it with wardrobes classics like a neutral trench or blazer. I have paired it with these tan knee high boots below. I love tan and blue as a combo together.

Samua Jacket: $999, Semua Skirt: $799, Efrany Knit Top: $219, Malibu Open Bootie: $649

Checkinada Coat: $799, Tayama Trouser: $349, Esonita T-shirt: $149, Amelie Pump: $599

Diloise Dress: $699, Tanitea Trouser: $349, Fleur Mule: $649, Taylor Small Tote: $749

Dagoni Dress: $699, Malibu Boot: $899

Photography: Katie Fergus 


Shot in collaboration with HUGO BOSS

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2019

With VAMFF, the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival now over for the year in Melbourne, I am having massive withdrawals.

I am proud to be a long time friend of the Melbourne fashion festival, attending every year for the past 10 years. I have to say this was the best fashion festival Graeme Lewsey and the whole VAMFF team have put together. There was insightful industry seminars, retail events and ‘The Plaza’ at The Exhibition Building this year had it all from tapas and cocktails to incredible music acts with an electric atmosphere. I loved the Tommy Collins pop up in the centre of the plaza which featured incredible food and was pumping each night of the festival. Lets just say I may have had one too many champagnes there.

The Virgin Australia Palm Springs pop up featuring CJ Hendry’s iconic artwork was a great spot to take it all in and mingle, as well as the huge Priceline Beauty Bar where consumers could go and get makeup and hair touch ups.

The reason I love attending VAMFF is everything we lay our eyes on from the runways shows is also available to shop from the Shop The Runway pop up at The Plaza- it’s all about see it now and buy now.

I love people watching- and there is no better place than at VAMFF to check out some unique outfits – very inspirational.

I love supporting my favourite Australian designers at the festival so I have rounded up my outfits from the festival below- with links to shop them.

Until next year! I cannot wait to see what VAMFF has in store for us next.

Manning Cartell Bandeau and Pants, STAUD bag, Tony Bianco Heels

Dion Lee Jacket, Shorts and Bralette (coming soon), Louis Vuitton Bag, Christian Louboutin Shoes.

I loved attending Viktoria + Woods 15th anniversary in collaboration with VAMFF.

Viktoria + Woods Tunic Top + Pants , Valentino Bag

Photography: Katie Fergus, Dan Castano and Liz Sunshine.

My Favourite Pregnancy Brands

I know how hard it can be dressing the bump. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you look ‘amazing’!! It is hard to believe it  (and all you pregga mummas reading this -DO look that great! Growing a baby is so incredible,  I am still in awe of what our bodies can do), but most of us cannot help but feel a little frumpy and not like ourselves when pregnant, I know thats how I feel- which makes it hard to dress right and feel confident.

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6 Things New Mums Should Know

There are just two weeks to go until I’ll officially become a mum of two little boys! Time feels as though it’s racing when I compare this stage of my pregnancy with when I had Aston. Despite the fact I’m currently a lot less organised, I feel so much calmer. I think it’s because I know what’s coming this time round.

Prior to welcoming Aston into the world, I’d invested a lot of time into researching. From baby washes and detergents ( I bought four different baby detergents tossing up which was better as I didn’t want nasty chemicals and fragrances and it sent me mad) to clothing fabrics, nappies and creams –everything was a big deal! I was getting myself well and truly in the know.  This time around I just don’t have that kind of time.

Having all of that knowledge stored away is certainly powering me through as this second baby grows. I wanted to write this post for new mums to share a few of my personal learnings since having Aston. Hopefully, they’ll help to put your mind at ease.

1. You don’t have to listen to everyone 

It’s fine to ignore advice and trust your gut instincts when it comes to your baby. I really believe that you know your baby best. Don’t feel the pressure to conform to other people’s expectations of what a ‘good mum’ is or looks like. And if you need help, find a tribe of mums that you love and trust.

2. You will still look and feel pregnant for a while

There have been some amazing ladies that have recently shown their real bodies after giving birth.  When I had Aston, I did not have this kind of confidence. I remember feeling shocked at how my body looked after he was born.

Due to social media, I thought I would instantly have my flat stomach but that was not the case. It takes time for everything to move back into place, especially if you have bad abdominal separation like I do. Give your body time to heal and don’t push yourself. I know it sounds cliché but it takes 10 months to grow a baby, so it’ll take at least that long for your body to go back to normal. Don’t forget you’re not alone. All women are in the same boat.

3. Sleep when the baby sleeps

This can be hard to do when you have so much on, especially if you continue to work from home as I was doing with Aston. It is so important in for the first 3months however, to make sure you take every opportunity to sleep as you probably wont be getting much during the night. So even if it’s 11.00am on a Tuesday, sleep!!

4. Online shopping, is a lifesaver (thank you Country Road!)

Following on from the point above, when there is a newborn in the house, getting out is next to impossible. Even if you have an hour or so, your energy levels are not going to be high enough to brave the stores. Jump online and visit the brands you love & trust, like I do with Country Road.

I’ve teamed up with Country Road for this post as their newborn range is incredible. Made with beautifully soft organic cotton, their range is perfect for delicate newborns right up until 12 years. Clothes, blankets, beanies, bibs, bags & even gorgeous soft little animal teddies (also made with organic cotton) –check it out here. It’s a one stop-shop for everything you’ll need to feel relaxed & organised.

Shopping with Country Road means I don’t have to think. Simply selecting an adorable pattern & style is all that’s required to know my little ones will be sleeping or playing in fabrics that breathe. Washing is as simple as it gets and comfort & functionality is on point.  Have a little look below. Writing this piece created the perfect opportunity to take some photos with Aston wearing his sweet little Country Road pieces.

5. Hang in there! Everything is a phase and doesn’t last forever

I remember my mum telling me to just hang in there and get to the 3 month phase and then it will all get better. It is true. You’ll look back to those really hard days and wish you hadn’t wished them away. The initial tough period won’t last forever.

6. Breastfeeding is not for everyone and that’s okay

I found breastfeeding hard with Aston. I had issues with him latching on and then a few bouts of mastitis but I thought I had to keep trying to push through (because that’s what ‘good mums’ do right?!) No that isn’t right, because a baby fed is best, it doesn’t matter if it comes from you or a bottle. I breastfed Aston to six months old but I now know that if I find it as difficult as last time, I don’t need to continue to push through.


SHOP these newborn goodies. So many cute pieces for newborns

In summary, take it all day-by-day. There is no “right way” to become a mum. Just go at your own pace & follow your natural instincts. If you do that, I can assure you, you’ll being doing an incredible job.

So with just over two weeks to go at my end, even though I know our nursery won’t be completed until the end of November, I’m not letting it worry me. Babies naturally invite an element of chaos into the home, so let the good times role!

Shot in collaboration with Country Road 

Brownlow Red Carpet Hosting 2018

This will be short post- sorry ladies, but this mumma is exhausted. I just wanted to share some images of my outfit from the Brownlow Medal.

I was so excited to host the Brownlow Medal red carpet on Monday night with Channel 7. I have attended the Brownlow for the last 10 years (missing a few of those years) and I have always loved attending as a guest, to support Jim and his teammates and all their great achievements for the year, so it was great to take on a different role now that Jim has retired.
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