Castle and Cubby x Liberty Interiors

Early last year, I was so excited to work on a little project with the talented Nicole Rosenberg from Liberty Interiors. Nicole and I had just worked together on a few other projects, she created a beautiful nursery for Henley and she also helped freshen up other areas in my house, my master bedroom and our kitchen area.

We were talking about how the boys needed a cute and versatile play area to run amuck in, at this stage Henley was only a newborn but we wanted to create a space which would grow with the boys as they grew older and allowed for a lot of imaginative play. I was also after a space that the boys could make their own, as well as an easy area for them to play in when their friends came over (it’s also handy to keep all the mess outside, haha)

We instantly thought of Castle and Cubby, I was already a huge fan of their work, their cubbies always popped up on my Instagram feed and I loved that they are so unique and are all hand made in Melbourne and Byron Bay. Castle and Cubby’s brand message resonated with me as all materials are sustainably sourced with new and recycled timbers and free of chemicals, as well as their passion for organic, nature based, imaginative, playful and family shines through in everything they create.


When it came to picking the style we wanted, I chatted to Nicole about wanting a cubby that looked masculine and edgy but was also practical for boys. Castle and Cubby really nailed the brief.

I initially wanted Hampton vibes, but then we went for a style that also suited my house. It was really important for Aston to have a little slide and an area for him to serve food and play chef as he loves that kind of play. Nicole created a Pinterest board as she knows my style so well and we were off. She included a design for cool blue barn door, with the boys initials as wooden door handles.

Castle and Cubby have so many cubby designs to choose from, we went for the XL Mini Zimi Cubby which I was so happy with, as we don’t have a huge yard, so I felt that this cubby design offered a lot of play area for the boys but didn’t take up too much space.

There is a full selection of other designs on their website there are so many designs to choose from, depending on your needs, you can make slight changes so their current cubby styles so it fits in with your specific needs. They also have two workshops in Melbourne and Byron Bay and they offer freighted delivery to all locations across Australia.

I loved the white trimming that we included and the custom painting to the interior and exterior as well as the extended hardwood decking. The woodwork structure of our cubby is such good quality and made to perfection, it was made on site, so Aston loved watching it all come together. I swear this cubby feels nicer to sit in than some of the rooms in my house. The boys also love the custom slide platform with white slide.

The boys love playing in it together, as Aston loves using the serving area as his own little kitchen and serves Henley and I as we sit on the outside. He also loves the slide and watering his plants using his little watering can.

Henley is so obsessed with the slide; he is a little daredevil and he also enjoys playing with the kitchen.

I am excited to also offer a code of 10% OFF all purchases until the end of April 2020 using the code LOVENADIA

For more details on Castle and Cubby www.

Nicole from Liberty Interiors

Prints from The Little Interiorfull selection here 

Chelsea All-in-1 Kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Food Set from Pottery Barn Kids


Swiss Ultinatal Range

Life has been a little crazy of late; welcoming our beautiful boy Henley, preparing Aston for ELC and taking on a few new roles with work. It’s fair to say there has been some big life events happening, none of which, however, get in the way when it comes to the health of my two gorgeous boys.

I’ve been an avid user of Swisse Wellness vitamins for years now, using their vitamin and skincare range in my day-to-day routine. Overall health and wellbeing every day is a huge priority for me and my family.

 Motherhood has made my health and my families health such an important priority. I was excited to see Swisse launch their Swisse Ultinatal range last year, that has since become my favourite range in the market. If anyone is planning, pregnant or raising little ones, it may be worthwhile exploring the four brilliant products.

1.When it comes to Vitamin D, I’ve always supplemented with Swisse as I have experienced low vitamin D during both of my pregnancies. From pregnancy and now since giving birth to Henley, I continue to incorporate a vitamin D supplement into our daily routines, to make sure he and I maintain healthy immune systems. The product I’m using for Henley is the Swisse Ultinatal Vitamin D3 Liquid (designed for bubs).You might have caught an Instagram story I recently posted, where I explained a few of its benefits. If I was you, I would recommend seeing your doctor first, so you can check-in on what its most suitable for you.

As well as his immune system, the Swisse Ultinatal Vitamin D3 liquid is designed to support healthy, strong bones and muscle health. Vital for a growing boy! The Vitamin D3 is in a liquid form, meaning it’s easy to pop it into his milk or directly into Henley’s mouth using the dosing device included. I’ll talk about my Vitamin D support a little later.

2.The Swisse Ultinatal DHA + EPA Liquid for Baby. This is another liquid form product which is fantastic to help support little ones in terms of their cognitive health and brain function from 7 months+. On top of this, the Swisse Ultinatal DHA + EPA Liquid for Baby is great for their nervous system and eye health. Liquid products are a convenient option for kids!! Aston doesn’t even know he’s having it! I simply chop the capsule tails off and squeeze the liquid into his drink- Aston loves his milkshakes and smoothies. Alternatively, I pop it into his wheatbix or porridge in the morning.

This product is only for little ones who are 7 months+. When Henley is a little older, I’ll add the Swisse Ultinatal DHA + EPA Liquid for Baby into his day-to-day feeds.

3.Next up, the Swisse Ultinatal Probiotic Powder for Baby. The powder comes in individual sachets, making the product easy to use. No measuring is required (for new mums with baby brain, this is a saviour!) – one sachet daily into their milk. I mix it up between popping it into Aston’s milk or food.

The Swisse Ultinatal Probiotic Powder for Baby contains three probiotic strains, helping to establish a balanced intestinal environment in breastfed infants. It’s great to help maintain bub’s immune health, their gut health and digestive system health. It seems like more and more of us are in tune with our gut health these days due to a whole range of varying factors. Making sure I’m preparing two healthy tummies in Aston and Henley provides me with a lot of comfort.

The last of the Ultinatal range I wanted to write a little on vitamin supplements that are suitable during pre-conception and pregnancy

4.The Swisse Ultinatal Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Multivitamin. The Swisse Ultinatal Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Multivitamin contains folic acid (which helps to maintain healthy cells, in particular red blood cells), omega-3 DHA (important to help support our brain function) and vitamin D (as I mentioned earlier, vitamin D is an important vitamin in terms of helping to support our immune system & bone health). I was very low in Vitamin D when I was pregnant with Aston and had the same issues again with Henley- so it’s important to take a supplement like this to support you to be your healthiest and happiest self.

I adore this product, as it helps me to support my general health.

Knowing that my two boys can be supported from the inside, out helps to take the stress away. The new Ultinatal range from Swisse fits into my busy lifestyle (as my days can be hectic and are never the same). Thanks to Swisse’s great baby friendly formulations (liquid and powder forms) for providing premium quality formulations!

For any more questions about my experience with Swisse and the Swisse Ultinatal range, feel free to contact me.

Disclaimer: This supplement may not be right for you. Follow the directions for use. Read the label before purchase. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for 0-6 months.

 Discover the products:

Shot in collaboration with Swisse

Henleys Nursery x Liberty Interiors

I am excited to share the images from Henleys baby room. I shared the video (watch here) a few weeks ago, but here are those detail shots. I collaborated with the incredibly talented interior decorator Nicole Rosenberg from Libery Interiors 

I have always admired her interior styling, particularly her baby and children’s rooms are so beautiful and always unique. It was such a privilege to work with Nicole and see her vision and incredible ideas come to life.

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A little Saviour for new mums

New mum of two here. My time is very limited. I thought I had it tough with one baby, but now I understand why mums of two or more would say ‘ wait until you have two’ yep, I totally get it now!

I am so focused on my boys and juggling life with a newborn that it’s been super hard for me to find time to eat healthily during the day, I find squeezing in breakfast particularly difficult as the morning it is go go go. That’s why I have been loving using my new Vitamix Ascent– as it allows me to make healthy juices, smoothies and meals in a flash, which I can then enjoy once I have a free second. 

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Spray Aus New Product Launch

I am so excited to share images from our event- as we officially launched our new Deep Dark Express Tan with Spray Aus. We have been working on this product for a while as we wanted to create a deeper, darker self-tan mousse to give you a rich bronze colour in just an hour!

As with all our other products, natural ingredients are at the core of our business so this new product is infused with plant and fruit oils (such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum) to soothe the skin and is PEG and Paraben free- yep that means all you preggo mummas can use this product with no stress.

To give you a little of background (for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram) Spray Aus is my company that I own it with three other business partners, Ellie Pearson, Emily McKay and Rebecca Judd.

We are all obsessed with that beautiful, tanned and glowy skin, but we don’t like the idea of sitting in the sun to get the result. Yes, I love getting a good dose of vitamin D, and I still enjoy laying in the sun, but there is just too much information out there now on the damage it causes to our skin. So, we are all about achieving that beautiful tanned skin the natural way.

We have worked hard to create a tanning solution that is all natural and organic but still gives you that beautiful deep brown glow- no orange tinge thanks!

After testing endless samples and re-formulating, we finally got the mix right and have the most perfect solution for you. We initially launched the professional tanning solution two years ago. This product is for all you beauty therapists that own salons or beauty studios.

We received so much positive feedback that we then decided to launch an at home product. As much as I love getting a professional spray tan, sometimes there is not enough hours in the day, so an at home product is what I need. I can then quickly whip it on at night, go to sleep- or leave it on for an hour minimum and wash it off.

Well, back to this new product launch. We always love to launch new products in style. We had a great party last November, HERE, HEREand HERE. when we launched our new Face Tanning Mist (and thanks for all the positive feedback, we are glad that you love that product as much as we do).

For this event we hosted a long table dinner experience ‘Dark Side’ in honour of our darkest self-tan at cool new event space The Substation in Newport. The food was out of this world- the menu was designed by The Atlantic’s executive chef Nick Mahlook.

For styling we turned to our amazing Creating Beautiful team. We worked with them on our last event in November last year and they also styled Aston’s first birthday so we know that they have their finger on the pulse for our events and the type of styling we like (head to the bottom of my post for the full supplier list).

We wanted rich colours, luxurious textures and subtle lighting to give our event a decadent feel. The look centred around beautiful black blooms, with each guest gifted a black rose on arrival. The dinner experience was given a dark romantic edge, with black layered settings and Italian crystalware and glam black chandeliers.

Love to all our amazing suppliers!

Styling: Creating Beautiful 

Photography: Karon Photography

Media Wall: Sketch & Etch Creative

Furniture: Harry The Hirer 

Chandeliers: Chandelier Hire 

Food: The Atlantic by Nick Mahlook

Cocktail Design: Nectar And Stone

Venue: The Substation