My Favourite Pregnancy Brands

I know how hard it can be dressing the bump. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you look ‘amazing’!! It is hard to believe it  (and all you pregga mummas reading this -DO look that great! Growing a baby is so incredible,  I am still in awe of what our bodies can do), but most of us cannot help but feel a little frumpy and not like ourselves when pregnant, I know thats how I feel- which makes it hard to dress right and feel confident.

I have found it even harder this time around as I went to Italy, so I had to think of new ways to style my bump in the summer months. In comparison to when I was pregnant with Aston, it was mainly winter. I find the cooler months easier to dress for (and more flattering) when pregnant.

I am going to break up this post by my favourite brands and styling tips for casual day wear and then also for night/glam wear. As the brands, I wear for casual to glam are very different.


I have been living in my SRC pregnancy pants- they are sport leggings but are made from a great thick fabric (that actually looks quite dressy) and they have been a saviour for me this entire pregnancy as they have extra support around the pelvis and lower back. I suffer from Pelvic Girdle Pain and these babies are great offering medical grade compression. If you have private health insurance, you can also claim these are they are backed by healthcare professionals. Even if you don’t suffer with pelvis issues they are just great pants to wear throughout pregnancy.

Other good fitness leggings which are super comfortable are:

Lululemon– I love the Align Pant Range as it feels so comfortable and doesn’t dig in around the waist

2XU–  Prenatal Active pants in all black – they suck in on all the right places and great to work out in.

Active Truth– Is another great legging brand. I have found the Essential Full-Length Tight such a great fit (image below) and they have great prints. Very comfy over the bump.

Essential Full Length Pant

Denim is still a big staple for me during pregnancy (as it is when I am not pregnant) I have tried lots of different denim brands this pregnancy and below are my picks for the best pregnancy denim.

I must also mention I love my Levi’s, the colour, fit and style- it’s always perfect.

They don’t make pregnancy denim, so I went and bought my favourite Levi’s 501’s in a size up and I have continued to wear them all the way through (using the old hair tie around the waist trick). I buy my Levis from David Jones, Glue Store, their online store or even always have a good selection of Levis. I then team my Levis with my favourite oversized tee’s that I have always owned, I am lucky that they are so oversized that they have continued to work in with my growing bump.

My favourite brands for tees are:

Annie Bing, Gucci, Givenchy, Assembly the Label, Bonds, Proenza Schouler, Loewe and Viktoira + Woods, PE Nation.

Best Pregnancy Denim:

Here is the rundown of my best pregnancy denim ( I included a full list on my Instagram– if you want to search under the highlight ‘pregnancy’ section, you can see all the brands) but below is shortlist of my absolute favourites.

J BRAND. As we expect from J Brand, their pregnancy denim also has that renowned fit and quality. They have some fantastic black coated options

Good American. They fit the growing bump so well and have a huge selection of amazing washes in a skinny leg style

SHOPBOP I have found that Shopbop really caters for the preggo mummas. They have a big section here on pregnancy denim,  check it out here. The best denim brands on there are Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity. PAIGE, Citizens of Humanity etc.

Soon Maternity. You all know I love their black coated denim (I have lived in them this pregnancy) they also have other washes and styles but their black coated are my favourite pick.

Topshop AMAZING selection of washes and styles! They have closed down their Australian site, so I buy them through their main UK site, but they offer free delivery to Australia if you spend over $100 which is pretty amazing.

Decjuba Riley skinny jean is such a good fit. They are great around the leg and ankle if you want a really good skinny leg option.

ASOS Endless options for all tastes, from light to dark denim

H&M They don’t have good options online but in-store they have a great little range

Jeanswest always a good brand to look to with a really big range and known to be super comfy.

Now back to casual clothing, I have lived in these brands:

Legoe Heritage  This brand is such a goodie as everything is designed for the pregnant lady in mind, the fit, style, fabrication. They have endless good ribbed styles ( I love a good rib fabric when pregnant) beautiful cotton dresses items with a little of elastane that works around the bump so well. I have been living in their low slung pants too. They look great with a long lined tee or cotton top.

Here are some of my favourite Legoe styles that I have been wearing. These are great on their own in the hotter climates and then you can still wear them when it’s cooler with a blazer or denim jacket over the top. (NOTE: look for blazers/jackets that are more longer lined, or a slimmed fit like the Camilla & Marc Dimmer Blazer  as it doesn’t add extra bulk and sits tailored and tapered around your body)

Margot Midi Dress

Portugal Dress 

I wore this look yesterday at 38 weeks pregnant, I am feeling swollen all over, so this is a super flattering look Dimmer Blazer,  Zephyr Mini Skirt and Manilla Silk Crop.

Viktoria + Woods They have a great range of ribbed dresses and tee’s which work so well with a growing bump and the quality is great so you can wear the same pieces after you have bub as they tend to go back to their original shape.

I love teaming ribbed pieces with long-lined trench coats, blazers and my oversized Levi’s denim jacket (which is very flattering) with either my comfy SRC leggings underneath, and you can be in comfort and also look good.

Current styles that I like at Viktoria + Woods are the Bellini Cross Back dress, the Babylon Bralette dress ( I own this one in black) the pink looks great too. I have lived in this long lined coat below- anything with that longer hem length is always going to elongate the body and make you look slimmer.

Resource Mini Dress and Alumni Trench 

Assembly the Label All their linen pieces work so well with your growing bump and are very comfortable and flattering. I have loved their jumpsuits, linen pants, oversized shirts etc and their pieces will be great to wear after I have the baby too.

Linen Slip Jumpsuit and St Agni Woven Slides

Camilla & Marc I also found that they had a great range of stretchy tops in key colours like red, black, white and khaki which look great worn under your favourite blazer or jacket.

Faithfull The Brand and Silk Laundry these two brands have lots of slip dress options which are easy to wear. As you get bigger- they aren’t as flattering, but I find that slip dress style is great for the first six to seven months.


I noticed with my last pregnancy that it’s all about block colours and clean and minimal shapes with my evening wear. Especially as your bump gets bigger. When I was smaller I loved a little bit of print and could still wear my favourite brands like Zimmermann, Alexis etc, but I find prints and textured fabric just ad too much bulk when you are heavily pregnant.

I do a lot of shopping online so I always make sure I look for fabric that has elastane, crepe stretch/ knit or neoprene and you know it’s going to stretch over your bump.

My favourite evening wear brands are:

SHOPBOP, ASOS and Revolve Don’t under estimate these three online powerhouses, they have great maternity sections and you can find great styling ideas and maternity brands that fit all occasions.

Dion Lee The simple designs and stretch fabric make Dion Lee a great option for pregnant ladies

Bec & Bridge I have continually worn Bec &  Bridge, as so many of their pieces fit the bump perfectly with that bonded crepe, stretchy knit or elastane fabric

Rebecca Vallance One of my favourites, I love that I have been able to wear Rebecca Vallance dresses all the way through. I have gone up two sizes and they work well with the bump.

Scanlan & Theodore We all know Scanlan is renowned for it’s crepe knit ( i mean you can find it in pretty much every colour and style) And it’s a such a little saviour for our bumps, and more imporanlty it is comfortable to wear.

Misha Collection Always a goodie, esecpially for the upcoming racing season if you are going with your bump.

By Johnny He is renoweved for his fit and simple block colour, thats why I love wearing his brand when pregnant as simple is best.

Solace London I first found this brand on Net A Porter- I love simple styles so this one is a favouite of mine when I am not pregnant, but it is also perfect over the bump. I shop from their online store as they have more options

House of CB I buy this UK brand online and it comes super fast, Myer also stock the range too. They have lots of bandage and ribbed knit styles.

Thats it ladies- I hope you have found something in here helpful. I will probably think of  more brands after I post this- hello baby brain! (and If I do, I will go back in and edit it) but please also let me know your thoughts and any great brands that I may have missed.

Enjoy x

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