How To Dress Like A Parisian

A month ago, I had the pleasure of attending a preview screening on the biography of the one and only, French designer Yves Saint Laurent, I was invited by Myer and (naturally) jumped at the chance to attend. It’s no secret that Saint Laurent (dropping the Yves to be known only as ‘Saint Laurent’ last year), is my favourite brand.

If it weren’t for the heavy price tag, I would buy every single piece in a heartbeat. Renowned creative director Hedi Slimane took over in 2012; he has ignited the brand back to its 1960’s glory when Saint Laurent pioneered androgynous and minimalist looks for women.

Saint Laurent is still remembered for introducing ‘Le Smoking’ – a black tuxedo for women- showcased in his couture show in 1966. Of course, he was ahead of his time, with magazine editors and the fashion elite very critical at the time. How very wrong they were, this would be a turning point, with the tuxedo included in the collection for the next 30 years and will change the way we dress forever.

Saint Laurent’s magnificent life aside, the other thing that stood out was the style. It’s a fact, Parisian women, just do it better. I have always been deeply fascinated by French woman as they have this unique way of looking classy, fashion forward, cool and edgy all at the same time.

The question is, how do they do it?

// BLACK. Black, black and more black, if you open a Parisian wardrobe you will be greeted with a lack of bright colour and a palette of black, navy, white and beige will be presented. Anyone can rock these tones, but it’s in the way they wear it that sets them apart, it’s all about the fit.

So the t-shirt fits with the perfect amount of slouch and stretch and the blazer fits your shoulders and body perfectly. Take your clothes to a dressmaker to get them tailored to ensure they fit you perfectly, it seems like a small detail but it makes all the difference.


Givenchy Bracelet, Alexander Wang T-Shirt, Saint Laurent Jacket, Lack of Colour Hat, Tom Ford Book, Saint Laurent Bag, Saint Laurent Boots, Stella McCartney Pants, Saint Laurent Wallet, The Row Sunglasses

// LESS IS MORE. Less is more, French woman follow Chanel’s rule: “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off’. This is a handy tip that I try to do every time I leave the house. Sometimes the most basic and simple looks are the outfits that make the most impact. You can then glam up your hair and makeup, or let your accessories do the talking on a clean and minimal base. Think a simple white wool turtleneck over a white crisp pants with black boots or simple slides, it’s a striking look.


Viktoria + Woods Coat, Viktoria + Woods Top, Celine Knot Bracelet, Kriss Soonick Lace Bra, Ancient Greek Slides, M2Malletier Bag, Stella McCartney Pants

// FLATS ARE YOUR FRIEND. French women embrace flats; this is something that I find difficult, as I love a bit of a heel. Chic pointy flats or brogues are a must, I love loafer styles with laces, they work with everything from denim to mini dresses and skirts and make your look elegant and ooze class.


Mui Mui Brogues, Sigerson Morrison Points, Saint Laurent Penny Loafers, Nicholas Kirkwood Zig-Zag Point , Mui Mui Loafers, Repetto Brogues

// MOTO JACKET. If you are going to buy one item to feel more Parisian, it needs to be the black tailored blazer (Mr Saint Laurent was very fond of this classic) or a black moto leather jacket. There is nothing cooler than it draped over you shoulders and will take you from day to night.

If these styling tips don’t work, then grab yourself a croissant and you are half way there.

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