My Favourite Lippy Colours

The lipstick shade I choose to wear each day is just as important as the clothes I wear. I am a girl that has always been lipstick obsessed (in my handbag you will find 10 different shades at any time because I need them all right?) and wearing certain colours changes my mood instantly. I have always been a fan of a simple nude lipstick; I love playing with different neutral tones. Over the last few years, I have become much more adventurous, looking at orange/reds, plums and brighter pink hues to brighten up my day and help change up my look.

That’s why I just had to join in with this unique L’Oreal Pariscampaign.

It’s all about expressing our many moods using Colour Riche shades via the hashtag #COLOURRICHEMAKESME on social media (I am sure you have seen me joining in on Instagram)

So I thought I would share with you, my favourite lip colours (and moods) over the week and why I love to wear them.

On the weekend, I need my lipstick to work in with my relaxed mood. I love walking to my favourite café around Bayside, Urban Projuice in Albert Park always hits the spot with their amazing Avo Smash. I barely wear any makeup on the weekend; my skin is in need of some fresh air after all the product I wear during the week. A light pink shade on my lips always fits in with my relaxed vibe, and doesn’t look out of place on my bare face. The #235 shade is perfect for the day.

On Monday, I have my business hat on; it’s time to get serious. This winter I have embraced the darker plum, berry and burgundy tones. These tones (I love shade #374) also work in with the winter navy’s, grey and dreamy creams that I have been wearing all winter long.


On Tuesday evening, I am feeling much more relaxed as I am going to head out for an early dinner with my girlfriends. I still love this burgundy lip. It looks great for work, but I can also grunge it up with my denim and embellished heels for an easy street look.

As much as I love the darker plum lip, there’s quite a technique to getting it right. You need to prep the lip (I like exfoliating with a soft toothbrush). Hydrate well, as any dryness with show up easily and I always use a lip liner with a brush applicator to get to the edges of the lips easily.

If you still find plum a little hard to wear and you love your red’s then you could introduce shade #430 (as it has berry undertones) or if you are keen to be a little more daring you could try #703, it is a warm chocolate tone that looks great at night.


It’s Thursday evening and I have an event on for work, so it’s all about feeling confident. It’s funny how popping on some red lipstick has the power to instantly make you feel good. I love wearing it when I haven’t had much time to get ready, as it means I can keep the rest of my makeup really minimal, as it allows the lips to do all the talking.

It is also one of the easiest ways to dress up my look when I need to look a little glam on the go.

It’s all about the orange/red lip. Darker reds don’t really work with my skin tone, so it’s important to play with a few colours to work out what suits you best.

I was so excited to find this shade #293 because it looks like it is made for me, it is the perfect orange/red hue.

Friday is always a big day in the office, as it’s usually my shoot day. So I lay out all the different looks for the week and get cracking.

I am working on lots beauty editorials this month as we are coming into Spring. I love having a play with all the different products and colours. These pink lipsticks are incredible! They have a great pigment that would suit just about any skin tone!

Photography: Dan from Stylesnooperdan


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