My Secret To Glowing Skin

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All of you know I am a big fan of active skincare – I have been raving about (here and here) its benefits for years, but I also have some other tips for glowing skin to share with you, and that’s the importance of peels, lasers, and intensive exfoliation treatments. These deeper treatments are how you actively fix your skin problems (be it pigmentation, acne, bumpy skin, uneven skin tone or fine lines, etc.) and work alongside all the good work you do with active skincare. It’s the finishing touch that really makes your skin sing.

Especially after being pregnant and having a baby I feel like my skin needs a lot more TLC (thanks to those pregnancy hormones, I have been left with more pigmentation than ever before).

Back in early 2011 I was recommended to go to Liberty Belle from a makeup artist, and it was the best skincare advice I had ever been given, I have been a loyal customer ever since.

I was lucky to find Liberty Belle as there are so many dodgy clinics out there and it is really scary to think about the damage they are doing to our skin (sometimes this damage is irreversible) because they are not experienced to be using such intensive equipment.

I was also a victim, I went to a well-known clinic that appeared reputable. They convinced me to get IPL laser and they burnt my skin and used a laser that actually flared up hyperpigmentation in my skin. As you need to be aware that if you have darker skin tone (like I do), you are more prone to hyperpigmentation and lasers can actually flare up your problem, if they are in the hands of inexperienced clinicians.

So I was left with patchy hyperpigmentation and skin that was far worse off than before I went there.

I have been able to fix it over the years with active skincare (Skin Medica’s Lytera Skin Brightening Complex worked wonders), peels, using suncream and staying out of the sun and the advice of the highly skilled team at Liberty Belle. Phew!

Here are my tips for glowing skin, the lowdown of my four go to treatments I get done at Liberty Belle and the reason why I love them. I am not going to lie and say they are all enjoyable, some (okay most) of the treatments hurt like hell, but in the end, you won’t mind as your skin will never look better.


This was the first treatment I tried at Liberty Belle (and I still get it today). It is suited to just about every skin type from an acne-prone 20-year-old to women over 40’s with fine lines and congestion. Most of you have probably heard of microdermabrasion? This is similar but a lot better as it is less harsh on your skin (no crystals are used) instead an adjustable vacuum pressure is used which is regulated to your skin type and the strength you need. It also includes another important feature of infusion- of two powerful ingredients hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C- so it really feeds your skin with goodness at the same time.

It leaves my skin feeling smooth, plump and glowing. It works wonders for pigmentation. It is a treatment that you need to continue to get every couple of months to keep your skin in tip notch condition.

I always get a medical grade peel after my dermasweep to make my skin glow.  The ladies at Liberty Belle will assess the type of peel that suits you best, depending on your skin type and concerns. I have quite oily skin with the tendency to get really congested in my t-zone. My skin is also really thick and not sensitive, so I usually go for high-strength Vitamin A and C peels to fight my pigmentation and work to give me a more even tone. They can leave my skin a little dry and patchy for a few days (which is completely normal) as all that dead skin is shedding off and then my skin looks great.

Tips for glowing skin – for all you mummas, you can also get Dermasweep done while pregnant and breastfeeding. More information on these tips for glowing skin here


This is one of the most comfortable treatments you will ever get. It’s a good one to get in winter as you are literally laying under a bright (and super warm, but not painful) light. Initially, it felt really weird sitting under this huge bright light (only centimeters away from my face) for 20 minutes and wondered how this could actually work (the technical version is by using second photo-sequencing & optic lens array technologies) and once you see your skin after you will be obsessed.

LED therapy is great for fighting acne and getting glowy and younger looking skin-which is pretty much what we all want, right?!. It creates a plump and hydrated look for my skin as it compliments the skins own ability to rejuvenate and it boosts collagen synthesis.

I love getting this treatment a few days to a week before big events as your skin just keeps on glowing. Another bonus is the cost- this treatment is very reasonably priced, winning!

More information here

tips for glowing skin, dermasweep, led light therapy, clear and brilliant permea laser facial, thermage,
tips for glowing skin, dermasweep, led light therapy, clear and brilliant permea laser facial, thermage,


This treatment, and tips for glowing skin, is a true miracle worker, and I feel it was made for my pigmented, open-pored and oily skin. I only started this treatment this year and I saw a result instantly, even though you are meant to have three or more treatments to see the full result.

I was keen to try it out as (as I mentioned above) I have been left with hyperpigmentation since having Aston and wanted my skin tone to look more even and fresh. I was considering Fraxel, but that treatment is far more invasive (and more expensive) so I was after a treatment that gave me the same result but was a little more gentle with no down time. This laser actually uses the same technology that is used with Fraxel (Fraxel created Clear + Brilliant), but it is not as intense which is perfect for me.

This is one of those treatments that does hurt more than others; it feels like a hot zap. It’s not unbearable, and your face feels really warm (even hours after), but the girls give you a cooling hose that you can use on your face as the treatment is happening which eases off the sting. Some parts of the face hurt more than others, like around the nose and hair line.

If you think about how each zap is encouraging collagen production, cell renewal and increasing cell turnover, then it doesn’t feel too bad, and it’s over very quickly. Fifteen minutes max.

As soon as you walk out the door your skin will look plump and a little red but you can pop makeup on straight away if you need to run back to the office and no one will be none the wiser.

You have two to five days of your skin feeling really rough. Initially, I wasn’t sure if this was normal and I got worried. Don’t worry; it’s not obvious to anyone but you, by day seven all that rough skin exfoliates off and your skins texture and tone is incredible. More information on these tips for glowing skin here


This treatment has been dubbed ‘Pilates for your face’ so as you can imagine that sparked my interest. I am going let you know straight that it is an expensive treatment but unlike other treatments, you don’t need to keep getting it done to see results, one treatment lasts for three to five years.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore also swear by this treatment, and I have always thought they looked damn good for their age.

I have been interested in this treatment for a while, but the price concerned me that’s why I only recently tried it out. I can tell you that I would definitely be getting it again as it fully lifted and tightened my face and plumped up areas (around my mouth and cheeks) you know all those parts of the face that lose collagen and fullness.

I only got the treatment done around the jowl/mouth area, but I would love to get it under my eyes in the future. It is great that you can concentrate on an area of your face that concerns you.

If you are like me, you probably like to know exactly how this treatment works?! It uses pretty amazing radiofrequency technology to smooth fines lines and wrinkles under the epidermis layer and sends the skin into overdrive, producing new layers of collagen which in return gives that lifted and tightened look. You see results straight away but after a few months is when it really kicks in.

When I was trying to decide if I wanted the treatment, I decided to check out Dr. Google to see what the reviews were like, and I was a little concerned as there were mixed reviews. I then discovered that this negativity came from women who weren’t the right candidate for the treatment. Ladies from 30 years old to 50 years with mild to moderate skin laxity is the prime time to get this treatment done.

I must also mention the pain, eeeek! This is one of the most painful facials I have ever experienced, but I was warned about this when I booked in. It’s bad but it is still bearable, and it’s short zaps on and off. They have to heat up your face to a pretty uncomfortable temperature, so collagen is reaching that effective heat for tightening.

This treatment is also great for those of you that have ever considered getting fillers to plump up your face but this is non-invasive and actually stimulates the formation of new collagen, which promotes tightening over time. More information on these tips for glowing skin here.

I know, some of these tips for glowing skin and treatments may not be for everyone, but I wanted, to be honest, and let you in on my favourites, as it can be confusing when you head to these beauty clinics to know what actually works. I can only speak from personal experience and these treatments work wonders for my skin.

I am also giving away some amazing Clear + Brilliant treatments and active skincare from Liberty Belle on my instagram in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled.

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  • Hi Nadia, thank you for sharing your experience, secrets and knowledge. It’s very hard these days to find out who to trust, where to go and what to do for your skin. You look incredible and your skin is amazing. x

  • Love reading this, thanks for being so honest and open. I actually struggled with terrible ance and spent thousands of dollars on treatments and skin care, even seeing a specialist. After reading your blog and followed your PC products, I finally cleared my ance and i now tie my hair back and I don’t hide anymore. It’s been 2 years since iv been using PC and I will never look back, so thank you soooooo much. Im so much happier now. I’m hitting 30 this year so i am looking to up my skin care regime with treatments and have been doing some googling and it’s overwhelming with mix reviews. So i am very glad you have posted this, it really helps me decide what to get done as i have the exact same skin colour and type as yours.

    • That is great to hear about Paulas Choice- it really is a miracle worker. I can swear by this treatments so give them a go xx It is really important to go to a reputable clinic like Liberty Belle to make sure the treatments are done correctly so you get the best result.

  • Love this post on Thermage! I have been wanting to try it so appreciate this honest post and I will def be trying Liberty Belle

  • Nadia, loved this post. What treatment do you recommend for my skin if I want to look younger? I am thinking about fillers or botox but I would rather non-invasive.
    Thank you xx

  • Love this post. You are S uch a beauty icon, from your skin, make-up clothes and in particular.. Your HAIR. Absolutely perfect. Love love love this post. So helpful. I think skin care is such a hot topic at the moment, people are taking more of an interest in skin products, treatments and injectables more than ever. So thank you xx

  • Hi Nadia
    Thank you for your great post. I have had a very similar skin history to yours and look forward to following your advice with Paulas choice. I have recently moved to Geelong and am wondering if you have used anyone in the area for similar treatment to those that you have mentioned. Would love any recommendations as i know how important it is to get the right people
    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks for this article Nadia! It’s great to read about about a reputable clinic that other clients have had good results at. Especially ageed about the importance of choosing the clinic. About a year ago I also recieved a laser treatment from a so called reputable clinic and the dermal clinician actually burned my skin pretty badly. I have since gone to dermatologists that have told me from my post treatment photos that she must had gone much too agressively as I had blisters on my skin afterwards. It’s been emotionally and financially very hard to recover from this. But I am determined through various treatments with actual skin specialist to get my skin close to what it once was again, no matter how long it takes. I just wish that lasers would be more carefully monitored by law because in the wrong hands they can ruin peoples lives.

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