A little Saviour for new mums

New mum of two here. My time is very limited. I thought I had it tough with one baby, but now I understand why mums of two or more would say ‘ wait until you have two’ yep, I totally get it now!

I am so focused on my boys and juggling life with a newborn that it’s been super hard for me to find time to eat healthily during the day, I find squeezing in breakfast particularly difficult as the morning it is go go go. That’s why I have been loving using my new Vitamix Ascent– as it allows me to make healthy juices, smoothies and meals in a flash, which I can then enjoy once I have a free second. 

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Time to Recharge!

After a big few weeks with work and preparing for second bub, things have been hectic lately.… however, life does not stop nor slow down when you’re expecting. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Over the years I’ve become a lot smarter with my time management & multi-tasking. I think that perhaps the improvement is due to working with amazing people & focusing on the quality of products and services I invest in. A little research can go a long way in the world of hair & beauty.

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Spray Aus New Product Launch

I am so excited to share images from our event- as we officially launched our new Deep Dark Express Tan with Spray Aus. We have been working on this product for a while as we wanted to create a deeper, darker self-tan mousse to give you a rich bronze colour in just an hour!

As with all our other products, natural ingredients are at the core of our business so this new product is infused with plant and fruit oils (such as Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum) to soothe the skin and is PEG and Paraben free- yep that means all you preggo mummas can use this product with no stress.

To give you a little of background (for those of you that don’t follow me on Instagram) Spray Aus is my company that I own it with three other business partners, Ellie Pearson, Emily McKay and Rebecca Judd.

We are all obsessed with that beautiful, tanned and glowy skin, but we don’t like the idea of sitting in the sun to get the result. Yes, I love getting a good dose of vitamin D, and I still enjoy laying in the sun, but there is just too much information out there now on the damage it causes to our skin. So, we are all about achieving that beautiful tanned skin the natural way.

We have worked hard to create a tanning solution that is all natural and organic but still gives you that beautiful deep brown glow- no orange tinge thanks!

After testing endless samples and re-formulating, we finally got the mix right and have the most perfect solution for you. We initially launched the professional tanning solution two years ago. This product is for all you beauty therapists that own salons or beauty studios.

We received so much positive feedback that we then decided to launch an at home product. As much as I love getting a professional spray tan, sometimes there is not enough hours in the day, so an at home product is what I need. I can then quickly whip it on at night, go to sleep- or leave it on for an hour minimum and wash it off.

Well, back to this new product launch. We always love to launch new products in style. We had a great party last November, HERE, HEREand HERE. when we launched our new Face Tanning Mist (and thanks for all the positive feedback, we are glad that you love that product as much as we do).

For this event we hosted a long table dinner experience ‘Dark Side’ in honour of our darkest self-tan at cool new event space The Substation in Newport. The food was out of this world- the menu was designed by The Atlantic’s executive chef Nick Mahlook.

For styling we turned to our amazing Creating Beautiful team. We worked with them on our last event in November last year and they also styled Aston’s first birthday so we know that they have their finger on the pulse for our events and the type of styling we like (head to the bottom of my post for the full supplier list).

We wanted rich colours, luxurious textures and subtle lighting to give our event a decadent feel. The look centred around beautiful black blooms, with each guest gifted a black rose on arrival. The dinner experience was given a dark romantic edge, with black layered settings and Italian crystalware and glam black chandeliers.

Love to all our amazing suppliers!

Styling: Creating Beautiful 

Photography: Karon Photography

Media Wall: Sketch & Etch Creative

Furniture: Harry The Hirer 

Chandeliers: Chandelier Hire 

Food: The Atlantic by Nick Mahlook

Cocktail Design: Nectar And Stone

Venue: The Substation 

My Favourite Pregnancy Brands

I know how hard it can be dressing the bump. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you look ‘amazing’!! It is hard to believe it  (and all you pregga mummas reading this -DO look that great! Growing a baby is so incredible,  I am still in awe of what our bodies can do), but most of us cannot help but feel a little frumpy and not like ourselves when pregnant, I know thats how I feel- which makes it hard to dress right and feel confident.

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6 Things New Mums Should Know

There are just two weeks to go until I’ll officially become a mum of two little boys! Time feels as though it’s racing when I compare this stage of my pregnancy with when I had Aston. Despite the fact I’m currently a lot less organised, I feel so much calmer. I think it’s because I know what’s coming this time round.

Prior to welcoming Aston into the world, I’d invested a lot of time into researching. From baby washes and detergents ( I bought four different baby detergents tossing up which was better as I didn’t want nasty chemicals and fragrances and it sent me mad) to clothing fabrics, nappies and creams –everything was a big deal! I was getting myself well and truly in the know.  This time around I just don’t have that kind of time.

Having all of that knowledge stored away is certainly powering me through as this second baby grows. I wanted to write this post for new mums to share a few of my personal learnings since having Aston. Hopefully, they’ll help to put your mind at ease.

1. You don’t have to listen to everyone 

It’s fine to ignore advice and trust your gut instincts when it comes to your baby. I really believe that you know your baby best. Don’t feel the pressure to conform to other people’s expectations of what a ‘good mum’ is or looks like. And if you need help, find a tribe of mums that you love and trust.

2. You will still look and feel pregnant for a while

There have been some amazing ladies that have recently shown their real bodies after giving birth.  When I had Aston, I did not have this kind of confidence. I remember feeling shocked at how my body looked after he was born.

Due to social media, I thought I would instantly have my flat stomach but that was not the case. It takes time for everything to move back into place, especially if you have bad abdominal separation like I do. Give your body time to heal and don’t push yourself. I know it sounds cliché but it takes 10 months to grow a baby, so it’ll take at least that long for your body to go back to normal. Don’t forget you’re not alone. All women are in the same boat.

3. Sleep when the baby sleeps

This can be hard to do when you have so much on, especially if you continue to work from home as I was doing with Aston. It is so important in for the first 3months however, to make sure you take every opportunity to sleep as you probably wont be getting much during the night. So even if it’s 11.00am on a Tuesday, sleep!!

4. Online shopping, is a lifesaver (thank you Country Road!)

Following on from the point above, when there is a newborn in the house, getting out is next to impossible. Even if you have an hour or so, your energy levels are not going to be high enough to brave the stores. Jump online and visit the brands you love & trust, like I do with Country Road.

I’ve teamed up with Country Road for this post as their newborn range is incredible. Made with beautifully soft organic cotton, their range is perfect for delicate newborns right up until 12 years. Clothes, blankets, beanies, bibs, bags & even gorgeous soft little animal teddies (also made with organic cotton) –check it out here. It’s a one stop-shop for everything you’ll need to feel relaxed & organised.

Shopping with Country Road means I don’t have to think. Simply selecting an adorable pattern & style is all that’s required to know my little ones will be sleeping or playing in fabrics that breathe. Washing is as simple as it gets and comfort & functionality is on point.  Have a little look below. Writing this piece created the perfect opportunity to take some photos with Aston wearing his sweet little Country Road pieces.

5. Hang in there! Everything is a phase and doesn’t last forever

I remember my mum telling me to just hang in there and get to the 3 month phase and then it will all get better. It is true. You’ll look back to those really hard days and wish you hadn’t wished them away. The initial tough period won’t last forever.

6. Breastfeeding is not for everyone and that’s okay

I found breastfeeding hard with Aston. I had issues with him latching on and then a few bouts of mastitis but I thought I had to keep trying to push through (because that’s what ‘good mums’ do right?!) No that isn’t right, because a baby fed is best, it doesn’t matter if it comes from you or a bottle. I breastfed Aston to six months old but I now know that if I find it as difficult as last time, I don’t need to continue to push through.


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In summary, take it all day-by-day. There is no “right way” to become a mum. Just go at your own pace & follow your natural instincts. If you do that, I can assure you, you’ll being doing an incredible job.

So with just over two weeks to go at my end, even though I know our nursery won’t be completed until the end of November, I’m not letting it worry me. Babies naturally invite an element of chaos into the home, so let the good times role!

Shot in collaboration with Country Road