Q&A | Margie From Viktoria + Woods & The Lofft

One thing that really inspires me is hearing and learning from women that are talented, successful and love what they do, this describes the beautiful Margie Woods perfectly. She started the effortlessly cool Melbourne fashion label Viktoria + Woods and the successful fashion agency The LOFFT (online here)simultaneously in 2003, and she does it all in her stride with a young family! Wow!

I started wearing Viktoria + Woods knits when the label launched in 2003, the brand was such a fav amongst my friends, and it still is! So I was happy to get my little mitts on the ‘Royce blazer’ from the current Autumn 13 collection. Check out more of the range HERE!


Margie, you have such an interesting story as you are the owner & designer of the amazing Melbourne label Viktoria + Woods and you also own the successful fashion agency The LOFFT, how do you balance the two? Did you have a breakthrough moment? There are so many fashion creatives these days that juggle multiple projects. For me the key has always been to work with a team of professionals, who are are focused and passionate as I am and who truly love being a part of it all.  I am lucky enough to work with girls that inspire me everyday.

With the LOFFT, I have a strict selection process I maintain. It has to be a gap for my market and the agency. The brands need to also represent something that I truly believe in and love. So all brands under the LOFFT umbrella I am very attached to. This makes my job so much easier.

Viktoria + Woods, I started years ago, but after a small break  away from running the label, I re-formed a partnership with Lisa Reynolds in 2010. This was the breakthrough moment for Viktoria + Woods. Lisa now brilliantly heads up design, while I maintain the creative direction of the label.

What are your fashion staple items? The one staple that has dominated my wardrobe space over the last 3 years has been Blazers  or Jackets. And they come in all shapes and forms. Sleeveless, Tailored, Relaxed or Structured. I seem to be an avid collector of them. They finish every outfit for me and give an easy polish to even the simplest outfits.

Favourite place or city in the world? I love every place I have visited over the years for all different reasons. But perhaps the one I will continue to revisit is Paris. The mix of art, fashion, beauty and romance that the city radiates. I love it.

Reading? Currently reading 2 books. A non “fashion” novel called ‘What Remains’ by Denise Leith. Plus ‘Happy Times’ by Lee Bouvier Radziwill (Sister of, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)

Viktoria + Woods is known for its amazing jacketing, blazers, coats and leathers, where do you draw you inspiration from? That’s very easy. It has to tick 3 boxes for me.

1. Contemporary designer elements – which I draw on from current trends

2. Timelessness – So I can hand it down to my daughter!

3. Functionality – taking me from School drop off to a fast paced fashion office and after work drinks.

Whats next for the Viktoria + Woods brand? We are currently focused on entering the overseas market and taking and Australian made brand to a few different corners of the world



Top: Viktoria & Woods

Pants: Zara

Bag: Celine

Shoes: Acne

Jewellery: PUSHMATAaHA

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