Why I said Yes to Wellaplex

I am a massive nerd when it comes to haircare and always hunt down the latest trends and research the newest products.

For industry tips and tricks, I always turn to Marie Uva, at UVA Salon. Marie has been colouring and styling my hair for over 8 years so I can always count on her for the best advice.

I’ve been colouring my hair forever so when summer was approaching and I was thinking about going lighter, I was worried that my hair couldn’t handle it. Bleaching in the past brought back bad memories of previous attempts that left my hair looking dull and damaged. Eek!

When I spoke to Marie about my concerns, she introduced me to WELLAPLEX, a new specialist colour care treatment created by Wella Professionals. The product is developed with Opti pH technology which means it’s perfectly formulated to work with Wella colour. WELLAPLEX reconstructs the bonds of the hair that may be impacted by colour, heat styling or environmental factors., resulting in stronger, heathier and brighter hair.

It sounded too good to be true, but of course I trusted Marie and couldn’t resist trying it out. During my WELLAPLEX treatment, Marie worked to lighten the area at the back of my head where its often quite dark and damaged. She brought lighter tones to the top of my hair and around my face, using warm caramel tones on my roots.

As soon as Marie washed out the treatment and started to blow dry my hair, I was stunned to see how blonde and healthy it looked. My hair was silky smooth, vibrant and felt fuller than ever before.

Maintaining my new colour has been easy. I’ve simply replaced my regular mask with WELLAPLEX No3 take-home Hair Stabilizer. By applying the treatment weekly, to the root of my hair, through to the tips, has meant that my hair has its brightness and healthy shine.

It’s been almost a month since I coloured my hair using WELLAPLEX and my hair looks healthy and the colour is still fresh, without turning brassy. I am so excited I have been able to achieve this result without damaging my hair. Hope you love my new colour as much as I do.

If you’re interested in achieving a result like mine, find your nearest Wella Professionals salon here.

I’d love to see your WELLAPLEX colour transformations! Share your new looks with me by tagging #YesToWELLAPLEX

Shot in collaboration with Wella 

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