Time to Recharge!

After a big few weeks with work and preparing for second bub, things have been hectic lately.… however, life does not stop nor slow down when you’re expecting. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Over the years I’ve become a lot smarter with my time management & multi-tasking. I think that perhaps the improvement is due to working with amazing people & focusing on the quality of products and services I invest in. A little research can go a long way in the world of hair & beauty.

It’s no secret how much I love sharing my findings when it comes to skin, hair & beauty tips … and recently I uncovered a haircare gem.

Thanks to my hair saviour Marie Uva and her UVA Salon,  I have discovered INVIGO care and treatment line, a range by my favourite haircare pro’s, Wella Professionals. The range is perfect if you’re super busy, rushing around and find it hard to fit in hair appointments in salon, but you still want that super luxurious and salon quality service and results.

When I visited Marie last week, I was in dire need of a pick-me-up. Something that allowed my hair to have that “professional” finished feel, but that wouldn’t take forever. Marie introduced me to INVIGO (aka my new hair heroes) a high-performance haircare line with exclusive Invigo Blends technology. Each range (there is something for all hair needs) ispacked with vitamins and super ingredients, designed to bring lushness & life back into your hair in a matter of minutes. Wella Professionals clearly noticed the new generation of women on the run & so decided to invest their time and expertise into crafting a high-performance care range to transform hair instantly.

The INVIGO range is designed to recharge both you and your hair in a way that is efficient (…anything with the word efficientor quickis music to all ‘mum’ ears), personalised and enjoyable. The salon-only treatments come in the form of basin ‘Boosters’ which enhance the existing masks, shampoos and conditioners, and the options are of a 5, 10 or 15 minute treatment. Added to the hair when wet, these treatments leave the hair feeling revitalised, smell amazing and results of an hour-long professional treatment.

It is amazing what a healthy head of hair can do to your energy. If you look and feel good, it shows on your face, in your complexion & of course in your work. A win, win for busy women on the go!

After a consultation with Marie, she recommended the following three products on me:

INVIGO Nutri Enrich Shampoo

INVIGO Nutri Enrich Booster

INVIGO Volume Boost Crystal Mask (a fabulous product to pump up the volume in your hair!)

The range is extensive and personalised to cater for specific needs (colour care, volume, moisture etc.) so make sure to nip in to salon for a consultation, only your hairdresser will know your hair’s real needs!

Another aspect of the range that I really want to highlight is that INVIGO actually encourages women to take some time out of their busy schedules & allow themselves to rest, recharge and simply focus on their own needs, something that Wella Professionals have highlighted as a priority in this day and age – and you don’t need to tell me twice!

An added bonus, you can buy the range in salon so you can achieve this salon-quality at home. It will be perfect for me to quickly and easily care for my hair over the next few months, when I will be crazy with a newborn and not able to leave the house.

If you’re interested in achieving a result like mine, find your nearest Wella Professionals salon :https://www.wella.com/professional/en-EN/salon-finder

Remember, Wella created this range specifically to allow women to slow down & take a breather. So, make sure you take some time, enjoy the experience, relax and recharge.

Shot in collaboration with Wella Professional  

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