Wedding Bliss

Something pretty incredible happened 2 weeks ago, I became a wife. Without sounding cliché it was the most magical day of my entire life. Every little detail went to plan, I felt like I was floating on air and high on life sharing the moment with man of my dreams and my loved ones. My cheeks were stinging the next day, as I couldn’t stop smiling all day long.

Those of you that know me will be reading this and thinking this doesn’t sound like the Nadia we know? I have never been the girly girl who dreamed of a big white fairytale wedding, I actually had no plans to ever get married, I don’t think you need a piece of paper to prove your love for someone. In year 10 at high school I had my debutante ball and I firmly told Mum and Dad that this is the only time you will see me in a white wedding style dress so you better remember it. This all changed when I met Jim.

We got married at the most divine vineyard Baie Wines overlooking Port Phillip Bay on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, it was our dream venue with the perfect mix of beautiful ripe green vines, stunning sea view with a relaxed country feel. I was lucky to have the styling expertise from the talented team at Style Co , they transformed the venue into the ultimate luxury getaway, I knew the girls from Style Co were amazing but I was totally blown away by what they achieved.

I can’t wait to share many more posts about my wedding, including the styling, food, planning etc and of course MY DRESS. I was so spoiled as I had the very best couture designers in the world with Anthony and Jacob from J’Aton Couture, I was speechless when I saw the two dresses they created for me, their design skills are so artful and unique, no one compares to them. (keep tuned for more about my dresses soon).

I hope you enjoy the video we just received back from the brilliant team at Purple Ribbon as much as I do.

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